Pop Up Scam

In this day and age, there are so many scams that we have to say Give Me A break! The computer world is full of them. From money scams gaining information scams to who knows what is next scams. I like to expose everything that I feel is a scam so the next person does not have to be a  victim if they ever run across it. Pop Up scams are constantly being used.computer scam warning

Computer Security Scam

Many times we are hit with there is a problem with your computer and is requested to take a certain action. Just remember that Blue question mark that pops up sometimes on your bottom bar to the right if you have an HP device. That is HP Assistant. Click Here for more info on the HP Assistant. It lets you know about updates and also helps you with troubleshooting any problems. You know it is coming from them and not another entity. I have an HP laptop that I use all the time to conduct my business everywhere.

My Latest Scam Revealed

Recently while using my laptop, I had a pop up that came up saying I was locked out of my computer and don’t turn it off. Along with in the message, I was prompted to call a number to a Microsoft technician.  So just out of worrying about my computer I did.

The person answered claiming to be a certified Microsoft technician. Me being who I am didn’t feel right about it but I am only human when it comes to me thinking my system is jacked up. He then said he would have to remotely get into my system and sent me a permission box to do so.

Don’t Be Scared To Askask-questions

I asked him, how do I know you are who you are claiming you are? Now I have let HP access my computer in this way but I had called them myself. Well needless to say he had an answer for that. Which was to show me some credentials. And not thinking being locked out of my computer, I let him in. Now I can’t really say what was going on but I knew the bottom line was to get something out of me like all scams are designed to do.

The certification he showed me over the computer was no more than an ad page with a company that charges $99.00 to unlock your computer.  He continued on to showing me all this code that is supposed to be the files in my computer pointing out that this is where the malicious code is putting me in danger of someone trying to steal my information.  Constantly saying I’m not the bad guy this is the bad guys trying to steal your information.

The Fix Scam

Now he says he can remove this malicious code but he asked me, do I want him to fix my problem. So I say yes. Then he asked how long do I want him to fix the problem for. Now I am really not feeling this. So I say what do you mean you said you were going to fix it. He tried to throw me off by saying I am not the bad guy I am here to help you.

Well, that is the ingredient of a scam to me. To try to throw your mind off so you can slip. I already had slipped by letting him in my system. So the next move was to take me right back to another screen with some security software on it. He said depending on how long you want me to leave the firewall up to protect me will determine the software package.

Closing Scam Tactic

Now it is time to lead you back to where the malicious code is to throw you off again claiming this what the bad guys did. Then he points out this software that cost $400.00 and that is when I said this is enough. Keep in mind he hasn’t fixed my problem yet. I told him I was under the impression I was contacting Microsoft to fix my problem not sell me something. I unkindly hung up on him, turned my computer off and it has been working fine since.

So once again another scam exposed. I hope this post gave someone some information that just might prevent them from spending money they don’t have to out of panic. I almost fell for it at first myself. That is why I felt it was important to share this.

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Where To Look To Work From Home

If this question has crossed your mind, you have an idea rolling around in your head that needs attention. Now to take that idea and start putting it into motion will give that idea life. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Well, you and I both know, nothing comes to anyone real easy. If it does then it probably won’t be what you wanted or needed. I hope that if you thought of something, you will consider taking a step towards putting it in motion. Or will you end up saying I wonder if?get-started

Google – How To Start A Home Business  

Google is a fine way to search for where to start. There you will find many options like data entry, telecommunication, live ops, working for companies like Xerox,  Hilton, Avon etc. My thing is that if you are going to work from home it might as well be working for you on your own creation. Don’t you agree?

Advertising Papers, Mailers & E-mails

These type of offers are usually the kind that will have you working for someone or some company at home. They are jobs basically that involve envelope stuffing, reading articles, taking & doing surveys and so forth. If you are looking to work for someone else then this is all great. But once again, if you are going to work from home, why not work on your own idea and for yourself?

Searching your Mind – Where Strong Ideas Residestart-trusting-yourself

Sitting back and coming up with an idea can give you a strong foundation to start a project working from home. Your mind will lead you to something that you want or could use that is already available or not available. This is a perfect opportunity to take what is in your mind and figure out a way to put it in action.

Building Around An Idea 

An idea needs to have some construction built around it and this is where you get really involved. And all this can be done from home if you are true to your thought. Can you take your idea and find some way to work it from home instead of working for someone else? If you can you are on your way to taking that idea and turning it into a business that you constructed and it will give you the motivation to take it to the limit.

Website Building For Beginners

If you knew how easy it is to construct a website around your idea would you try it? Especially if you knew you could try it first before you started spending tons of money. If you were to try it and found that it just might work for you, would you continue to work the idea? I ask you this because this is exactly where I started. I like riding my bike so that’s what I used as my idea. But I had no idea where to start.  Click here, to see what I’ve done with no experience and for around 4 months now. Click here, to see what you can achieve. If you thought it was awesome, Click Here to see just how easy it is to accomplish the same thing.

What A Website Can Do For You

A website will give you a platform to display your idea and deliver it to someone else who has an interest in what you are promoting. It can reach far more people than word of mouth or local promotions. Because you will be building it out yourself, it will become very gratifying and rewarding. I want to invite you to view this link by Clicking right here, to show you where you can start.

This will conclude your search for how you can work from home. If you like what you see, feel free to join me in what has given me great pleasure in working from home.

If you have any questions feel free to leave them in the comments and I would be happy to assist you in getting started on your plan to work from home. Thank you for visiting.

Amazon Fire TV Stick Can Save You Money

Amazon has a product to give you more ways to enjoy watching TV at your leisure and save money at the same time. If you currently have Wi-Fi in your home, it will allow you to get movies and TV shows without subscribing to premium channels like Showtime, HBO, Starz and many others.  This will help deflate the cost on your cable bill.

For only around $100 a year, you can join Amazon Prime to get access to those same movies the premium channels offer. Let’s cover how the Amazon Fire TV Stick can put you in movie heaven simply through your Wi-Fi, giving you 1 way to lessen your cable bill expenses and giving you up to date movie access.

Jailbreaking Amazon Fire TV Stickjailbreak

The term sounds devious but it is actually free & legal. This is one-time technology is a friend indeed in today’s economy if you are under a strict budget. It will allow you to stream from your Wi-Fi the most recent movies, TV shows & music. A lot of the movies are as recent as the Red Box releases. This results in another expense you can remove from your budget. No more rentals! That is unless you just want to. Once you jailbreak your Amazon Fire TV Stick, you open up a whole new arena to free movie watching.

How To Jailbreak The Amazon Fire TV Stick

The first thing you have to do is be an owner of the Amazon Fire TV Stick & have Wi-Fi set up in your home. The Amazon Fire TV Stick is around $40 to purchase. If you don’t have one yet just click on this Amazon Fire TV Stick link. After you receive it, you have to set up your account which is not hard at all. Once you are all set just follow the step by step instructions on how to jailbreak it below. Here we Go!

Step By Step Amazon Fire TV Stick Jailbreak Instructions

Go to the main menu> Scroll down to settings>click on it> Go to applications>click on it> Turn app usage data to off> Hit the return button> Go to systems>scroll down to developer options>click on it> Turn ADB Debugging to off> go down to app from unknown source>turn it on> a warning box will pop up so hit okay

Go back to the main menu> Go to search>click on it> type in ES Explorer it should pop up below>click it> click first app> click get> wait for download> click open> Go to left side of screen> go to the drop down on favorites> hit add> a box pops up with path type> enter https://kodi.tv/download> hit next and underneath where it says path type is where you are going to name the path> type Kodi> hit next> hit add

Go to the left side of screen>scroll down to where you should find Kodi>click it> go over to right side of screen> Scroll down the page to towards the bottom (You will notice the first group of icons will have a green android figure scroll further down)> there  should be another set with a green android icon as well> Here you put the yellow cursor where it says Arm x 86>press okay> may hesitate but press okay  and it will download

Open the file> hit to install twice> hit open> Go to the main page> (blue screen)> Go to video click it  and underneath click on get an add-on> go over to system>click it>underneath go to file manager> click add source> in the A row click where it says none> type in http://srp.nu> click done> type .srp for name source>click done> click okay .

Hit the back button on controller to go back to the main page> Press system> scroll down to add ons>click it> box pops up>scroll down to install from zip file> go to .srp>click on it> scroll down to Jarvis>click on it> scroll down to all>click it> click on the only option that pops up> Hit the go back button to home screen> Go to programs>click it>scroll down to program add ons>click it> click on get more> scroll down to add on installer>click on it> click  install> Click on add-on installer(it should say enabled)> Click open> scroll to featured add ons> click on featured ad ons> Scroll to Exodus>click it> Click install>when installed click okay> Hit the back button on your remote to go to the home screen.

Now you are all set to watch movies. This is what you need to do every time you go to watch a movie.


Go to home screen> go to videos> go to add-ons> click on Exodus> go to left of page to the menu pressing left on button on remote> At top where it says view> switch it to thumbnail> click on movies> there are plenty of options to choose from in this menu> At the bottom is a search option of the menu.

The next time you use it from your Firestick menu> scroll down to apps>click it and you should see the Kodi icon on the right. Then just follow the paragraph up top every time you go to watch.

I hope this post has helped some people save on their budget. I wanted to share this because it is not a scam. Remember, if you don’t currently own an Amazon Fire TV Stick, just click here.

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