Cutting Cost On TV’s

Television purchases are pretty high if you are wanting to get the newer versions like the 4K smart televisions. Then there are the next phase ones like HDR televisions that jack the price once again.

Some of us cannot afford the cost of TV’s these days and some of us can. Then there are the credit vultures like Acceptance Now who prey off of people with little credit. People end up paying 3 times more for it.cutting-cost

So I am sharing this post to show one way for people to cut the cost of purchasing a TV rather than getting in debt to companies that take advantage of peoples misfortunes.

Walmart Makes It Possiblewalmart-logo

Some people buy TV’s and then once they get home they determine it is not what they wanted for various reasons. They might say it is too big while others say too small. Sometimes it can be as simple as a little scrape or chip out of it.

Either way, these TV’s are still usable and in most cases, if it was a size issue they are probably flawless. But because they left the store they would be considered used and can be discounted.

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What Will Walmart Do?discounted-price

When Walmart take these TV’s as returns, they will have them in the back of the store and will let you purchase them if you inquire about them. This is usually done at a discounted price.

You can go to the Electronics area or ask for a Manager to find out if they have any returns they would like to part with. You can also find out why it was returned to make sure it was not because it was not working at all.

I know of someone who between himself and his relatives, have purchased 3 TVs from Walmart that were returned. And they have had no problems with them at all.

I took the liberty of calling the Walmart Super Store here where this type of purchased was said to have happened,  to make sure that what I am saying is true. And they tvconfirmed that I could buy a returned TV.

You will have to pay cash, however. So there won’t be any layaways for this type of purchase. But still, a saving is a savings.

So if your budget won’t allow you to get the television you want, it doesn’t hurt to ask and you just might receive. You never know until you try.


I hope this post might help someone receive something they may have wanted but could not fit it into the budget until maybe now. Feel free to leave any comment or question in the comment section.


Virtual Assistant – Is It Lucrative?

In the world of work from home, virtual assistant has been around for some time now. It all started in the 1990’s and is defined as someone who helps another person like a business owner or a small business with different tasks. This is all done from a remote location. The question to be asked is being a virtual assistant, is it lucrative?

Duties Of A Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant can handle a variety of duties. This is what makes them needed icompany-supportn any business. Their tasks range from marketing, web design and many other services.

In business, there are many areas in which a virtual assistant would benefit someone such as bookkeeping, social media marketing, calendar & email management, writing, customer support, research, project management and the list goes on and on.

Now some of their duties will require you to have some experience in order to give an excellent service.  So please take that into consideration if wanting to become a virtual assistant.

Where To Find Clientsfinding-clients

Because technology has strengthened this type of work due to social media, WordPress web design and the desire for clients to prefer a consultant/advisor instead of an administrative assistant, This home base business has an opportunity to thrive.

Finding a client will depend on where you feel you are the strongest so you can be competitive. Whether it is bookkeeping, research, graphic creation, writing, project managing or simply appointment setting.

There are two ways you can put your skills to work for you as a virtual assistant. You can either get hired out by someone or just start your own business from home.working-skills

To get hired out by someone will be like working for someone rather than having your own business. Having your own business would probably be the way to go for reasons explained later.

It is relatively inexpensive to start your own business because you can do this with a cell phone, a laptop or PC, reliable internet, an email account and maybe a good printer.

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Salary Expectancysalary

Getting hired out eliminates your struggle to find clients but your pay will be much less than if you were the owner of your own company and was contracted.

The average pay for being hired is around $10 to $15 per hour. If you contract yourself out running your own business you stand to bring in $35 to $80 an hour varying with your experience.


Is being a virtual assistant lucrative? I say yes if you can put yourself into the mix with owners who are seeking this type of help. This means if you can get connected with the right sources and the right people it will prove to be very lucrative if you apply yourself.

A Simple & Easy Way To Start A Home Business

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You can even take this opportunity and apply it to being a virtual assistant from what you will gain just from trying this offer out for free.

Thanks for taking the time out to read this post. I hope it helped someone today. Please leave any comments or questions in the comments section.


Pet Shipping Scam

These days people are very into dog ownership. We treat our dogs as one of the family and take the purchase of a family dog to the extreme sometimes.

All some people want is to obtain a good breed that is full bloodedlovable-dog and we will pay & do what it takes to have him or her within reason.

Some people will get the dog they want by any means necessary and scam artist knows this.  There are sources that will ship your dog to you. So this opens up yet another scam, the pet shipping scam.

Via The Airport 

I don’t know what area you might be reading this from, but I am in Oklahoma City. Here we have Will Rogers Airport which says they have had an increase of calls from concerned people about the shipping of their pets.airfield

Their staff stress they don’t have a pet receiving area and they don’t quarantine, vaccinate or provide shipping/receiving services for animals.

They proclaim that when pets are shipped it usually is done through a major airline or private charter company.

So just like anything else, it is wise to check out your sources check-before-you-buy thoroughly before you attempt to purchase a puppy in this fashion. Remember that scam artist are good at making you think they are legitimate business people.

You can probably see how you could transfer money in a promise to receive your puppy you wanted only to fall victim to a scam artist on the other end of the deal.

The authorities have already picked up on this type of scam and have been tracking it lately. So the scam does exist.

Once again my job is to expose all types of scams to my readers to keep them aware of what lurks out there in this day and age.

Here is a video on more insight on this scam that I felt compelled to share with my readers.

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Tax Scam Alert – 2017

Here it another tax season getting close to the deadline. Everyone has made plans for a good purchase item or maybe delaying because they owe so much.year-2017

Either way, we are not expecting anything to take advantage what we generally are accustomed to at this time of year. I am writing this post because no matter how obvious a scheme may be there is always someone who falls prey to them.

So exposure is the way to make the ones prone to a scam aware. That is why I am focusing on this tax scam for 2017.

How this tax scam worksscare-tactic

When you are not expecting it, someone will call claiming to be with the IRS. This could kind of catch someone off guard a little bit. They will claim you owe a certain amount of money on your taxes.

They will demand payment on the amount they are after. Now if you are not thinking at the time this might throw you a little bit especially if you know you owe something. The thought of owing the Government can make an honest person not thinking at this point.

This is exactly what the scammer hopes will happen. And remember that most people won’t fall for it but there are the ones who are blind to the lengths people go to pull these capers that sometimes get caught up in it.

confused-personThey need a person who doesn’t expect it because in order for them to complete the scam they have to receive a payment from the individual they are scamming.

This means they have to convince you not to send payment to the IRS but to them as well. Big red flag!

But a scam artist is clever…

They will try to convince you that at this point you need to complete the payment outside of the courthouse. This may sound incredible to some people but there are some who fall for these set ups.

Just like any other scam artist, they will try to discombobulate you with harsh threats such as “if you don’t pay for you taxes you will go to jail” Hoping that this scare tactic will get you to obey their commands.

Incident Reports of This Scamreports

Jim Camus, who is with the Treasury Department, revealed this fraud in a new PSA (Public Source Announcement)

The Treasury Department has received nearly 900.000 reports of these such scams since October 2013. And there has been at least 5,000 victims who have fell for such scams totaling 26.5 million dollars.

So if you think in your mind you would not have gone for it, there are those who do. And the only way to help that person is to make them aware of it.


Intimidation is the only leverage these scam artists have to get victims. If you can remember that most agencies like the IRS will conduct this kind of business via the mail.scared-man

Don’t panic!

So if you encounter this type of scam just hang up on them and don’t let it shake you. This will disengage their attempted scare tactic immediately. Don’t Be Scammed!

I hope this post will help another from being a victim of the clutches of scam artists.

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