My Wealthy Affiliate Progress Report

I am proud to announce that my journey here at Wealthy Affiliate has been one of an awakening, learning, joyous, surprising and a sense of accomplishment. Many times I tried to find a way to have my own business and was just a victim to pass money to the next person with nothing in return.

elatedI am so elated about what I have accomplished in the last 11 months since I started taking my passions and putting them into action with my training in affiliate marketing, that I must share my Wealthy Affiliate progress report to all that need to know the best way to control your own destiny.

The Beginning

Back in July 2016, I was looking for a way to try to generate revenue in my spare time without trying to work two jobs which would have physically beat me down.

I was looking all over the internet trying to find out where to start. I ran into a program that offered me a free membership and I said to myself, what do I have to lose and joined Wealthy Affiliate.

Once I did, I thought I had jumped into something I have no idea how to do which is building websites. But the platform here was so relaxing to a newcomer that it just fired me up to jump in and go for it.

Where Is The Catch?

That was going through my mind around the 3-week mark. I was waiting for the upsells and they never came.  There was an offer to go premium which did cost but after feeling the power of the program the fear of being scammed was long gone.i-cant-believe

There wasn’t an outrageous unattainable amount that was required which I know anybody would appreciate. I felt like $47.00 a month was not a lot to invest in myself.

But the monthly option saved me because I did not have the $359 yearly cost. I would have loved to go yearly but I simply did not have it.

But deep down inside because the way Wealthy Affiliate is set up, it is there to help you succeed instead of bleed you for your money.

My First Step

cycling-for-fun-logoMy very first site that made me my first revenue was This was my baby because I was riding my bike about 7 to 10 miles a day to and from work.

I took what Wealthy Affiliate introduced me to and the tools they provided me with and built a beautiful affiliate site surrounding my bike riding.

The Adrenaline Is Flowing Now

About 4 months into it I realized that I could introduce people to the program and I could do it feeling good that I was not misleading people. So I built

This site came purely from my heart to show people you can actually start a home business without paying outrageous sign ups or upsells and get nothing in return.

This is one of the ways that Wealthy Affiliate trains you on getting traffic to your site and gaining another form of revenue in the form of referral fees. And believe me, it is one of the highest commission percentages available.

Ideas From Nowhere   

Because of this new found love of mine, my mind really went into overdrive and because I like maintaining my lawn so much I started a lawn service and built my own site saving me an expense doing it the DIY way.

The site I came up with is  Thisold-school-lawn-service-logo idea came around the 6-month mark. I’m telling you this Wealthy Affiliate thing has taken me to another level. Within the first month, I had gained 4 customers and I sit on 9 customers now.

Not bad for just starting up 4 months prior. I even incorporated some affiliate marketing on this site as well to generate income with products.

The Sky Is The Limiteverything-is-possible

When I say the sky is the limit, I mean that you can take anything and combine it with what Wealthy Affiliate teaches you and the potential will be there.

My last creation was done barely a month ago and I really am proud of this one. My latest baby is  I am lithium-mowers-home-page following the eco-friendly ideas and they just seemed to be a good thing to focus on.

So we will see how things turn out by next year. I still have a long way to go as far as learning how to gain plenty of traffic but I am with one of the best programs there is and that is Wealthy Affiliate.

If my progress report showed you that a person with no experience and the help of Wealthy Affiliate can show you a way to tap into your creativeness, then you need to click below and try it for yourself.

Well, that sums up what I have done in the last 11 months. I’m not telling you that I have gotten rich but I am telling you that I am seeing income off of my websites.

This is not a get rich quick set up. This is a get rich in your ideas and dreams which will cultivate into some residual income that I know you could appreciate.

Thank you for visiting and I am truly glad to share my progress with Wealthy Affiliate. Feel free to leave questions and comments below.

Work From Home Warning

Today, many types of work from home opportunities are available and they are peaking the interest of many

While there are some opportunities that will provide a legitimate way to earn some income, there are some that are there only to take advantage of an innocent prospect.

This post will uncover a scam and give everyone a work from home warning. I previously did a post on virtual assistant jobs and this is why I am inspired to share this post.

Beware of Fraud

When we think that a business may sound and looks legitimate, we tend to let our guard down a little bit. The average scammer knows this as well as he or she knows there are some who are not going to fall for it.

So he or she simply plays off the numbers and takes advantage of those that do.scan-danger

The work at home demographic is more likely to be targeted for a scam for a lot of factors. A lot of people who are seeking to work from home have different reasons for choosing this type of work.

That person may be homebound and have no choice. Some may have backgrounds that won’t allow them to compete outside of the home and some might want to do it by choice.

This opens the door for scammers to prey off of a person’s deep desire and will provide offers that sound good but are simply there to take advantage of someone.

BBB Gives Warningcaution

The BBB (Better Business Bureau) have received many inquires about different companies being legitimate or not.

Reason being, many scammers use claiming to be an established business to gain an edge on gaining an edge to get someone’s trust in order to deceive them.

To further strengthen their scam they will advertise these jobs on legitimate job sites like the Indeed Job Site which is very popular.

This can easily catch someone off guard because it appears to be two legitimate sources which can take your focus off of it being a scam.

Check Your Sources 

If you are going to respond to a work from home job offer, do yourself a favor and check them out really well before going all in.

You can start by checking the companies website and look at their job postings. The BBB suggest this as well as doing an online search for that job, and if it pops up in many other states with the same offer, put up the red flag before pursuing it.

Check out the video below to hear exactly what Emily Valla with the BBB has to say.

I would like to end this post on a positive note for those who desire to work from home. I believe in controlling your own destiny.

So I am going to ask you to click on this link for a free membership with Wealthy Affiliate.

They will offer you an opportunity to work from home doing what you desire without the worry of being scammed. This is done by you building your own affiliate marketing business at your leisure.

To find out more about Wealthy Affiliate’s program refer to the home page on this site. I am sure you will find it quite interesting and worth trying.

I hope this post has opened some eyes to make them aware of the possibilities that are out there that try to scam you or a loved one. Please leave any questions or comments in the comments section below.

Home Security Awareness

Home security is a great way to put at peace of mind while we sleep or are away from home. There are many companies that have been around for years that are good at protecting our homes.protected-home

This post is to expose how the market has become a battleground for companies competing for customers and I hope it will provide some good home security awareness on the subject.

Getting Home Security

When we try to obtain home security there are a few things that you must be prepared for. There are credit checks, contracts to sign and in some cases outrageous monitoring fees.personal-home-security

But a security system is a good thing to have and companies know this and are pretty sure getting customers is not that hard. The problem is what length will some companies go to get customers.

I ran across an outfit here in Oklahoma named Alder Security out of Orem, Utah that was canvassing my neighborhood. I’m not sure what other States they cover.

I am not saying that the company does not supply a good service, but their way of obtaining customers is pretty much over the top.

So I wanted to put their tactics out in the open because it is one thing to pick a company by choice than to be misled into choosing a company.

Below is a video from Inside Edition that will give you a great breakdown on how this company uses misleading tactics tp obtain new customers that put a damper on their creditability.

Me myself, am an affiliate marketer with an outstanding program & community that believes in doing business with integrity drilled into us from the beginning of our training to our success. That program is Wealthy Affiliate.

So when I experienced this company Alder Security in action, it made me appreciate the way I was trained to operate my business and that is to legitimately help someone with ethics before a sell.

If you would like to take a shot at becoming an affiliate marketer please Click Here and let me offer you a free membership.

Thank you for visiting and I hope this post was good information for you and filled you in on something you did not know. Please leave any questions or comments in the comment section below.


Amazon Fire Stick Will Save You Money

While Amazon Firestick can save you money, it is a great addition to your household’s entertainment. The new Amazon Firestick also comes with a convenience feature which is the Alexa voice command.

Because of the high cost of cable these days, the Amazon Firestick cable-companieswill save you money by allowing you to have access to 140 channels & apps including Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Video with some or no subscription cost. If you are a Prime Member more benefits are involved.

By being Prime Member there are added benefits that come with being an Amazon Firestick owner.  Click The Banner Below to find out more and to try one month free of Amazon Prime.

Extra Features With Amazon Firestick

Some time back I posted about adding the Kodi App to an Amazon Firestick to watch movies that were recently released. This feature allows you to watch movies very shortly after they are released to the theaters.  About the same if not before Red Box Advertises them.

The post I am speaking about is Amazon Firestick Can Save You Money.  The post explained how to jailbreak the firestick to download the Kodi app.  Because of upgrades, the procedure in this post isn’t needed anymore to get Kodi.

But later in this post, we will put Kodi onto the Firestick with the new upgrades involved.

This would allow you to stream movies and download other apps movie-streamingthat are available like games, movies & other tv sources like Hulu & Netflix.

But I am going to concentrate on the Kodi app because it will save you money in a couple of ways.

First of all, I like to mention that since the last post on downloading Kodi, Amazon has made some upgrades that make it way easier and takes less time to download.

It is a newer version of Kodi also, that actually removed a lot of the glitches that people were facing. It also installs faster with the new upgrade.

How Does It Save Me Money? 

I love watching movies but going to the theaters is very expensive these days. With the help of the Kodi app, I am able to see these movies pretty quickly after their release by streaming them.saving-money

Now I am saving money on theater tickets and the high cost of theater concessions as well.

Another thing I am saving on is renting movies from Red Box. Which use to be the quickest way to see the newly released movies that are available.

Now I am seeing the same movies as Red Box offer through my Amazon Firestick without having to worry about the late return charges that I always got stuck with.

Those are the two ways that I have been saving money since I have been using the Kodi app.

How To Download The Kodi Appdownload-app

The first thing is you are going to need is an Amazon Firestick. They are a newer version than what I have because now they have the voice command Alexa that they come with as an upgrade.

But if you have an older one like I have, it still will work as if you had the newer one without the voice command. This is because the operation system has been upgraded automatically in them.

This made downloading Kodi much easier so you can start enjoying the savings as you gain more features you can enjoy at home.

Below are two videos which show you how to easily download Kodi onto your Amazon Firestick. There is a video for the older one and the newer one.

So if you do not have an Amazon Firestick I encourage you to Click Here to get one and once you get it follow the instructions in the video below.

Downloading Kodi On the Older Version Of Amazon Firestick

Downloading Kodi On The Newer Version With Alexa

Thank you for visiting and I hope I have provided someone with a way to add some pleasure in their household and save some money at the same time.

Please leave any questions or comments in the comments section below.