Offline Vs. Online Businesses

There are many ways to become successful at having your own business. Many have considered starting a business but never took the first step.

Maybe it was because of the uncertainty of what to do. This brings me to which is the best in this competition of offline vs. online businesses.

What I discovereddicovered

Recently I have run into an article that listed 50 offline businesses ideas. They were all very good ways to start out.

They were ideas like child care, coffee cart, food truck, lawn service, handyman, vendor, and dog walker just to name a few. Click here to view more options.

Offline businesses usually focus on one service or job that you perform starting out. There can be unlimited potential in whatever you are good at.

It may be an auto mechanic or even a pet groomer. You just have to love what you are doing and want to do it well.

Let’s compare this to an online business… online-vs-offline

An online business takes the same passion an offline business would take. You must want to do it well and make it successful.

In short, there is not much difference between the two as far as taking an idea and putting it into motion.

The advantage to an online business is that it can have a lower start up cost than an offline business which may call for equipment, a place of business and other physical needs like transportation vehicles.

My personal recommendation   

First of all, I would like to recommend not shying away from learning how to do an online business starting out. It will get the juices flowing for you and become useful in the long run. WA-logo

I started my learning process with Wealthy Affiliate which is an excellent platform to train you in affiliate marketing. I chose this route because affiliate marketing gives you more ways to make revenue over performing one job or service.

Plus it was something new to me which made it exciting in which I knew would keep me interested.

Once I started learning how to use websites to generate income, another idea hit me. I can do an offline business and then combine it with my affiliate marketing to maximize my potential.

What did I do?

I started a Lawn Service and built my own website and added affiliate marketing with it.old-school-lawn-service-logo

So far the website has helped me obtain 10 customers since March of this year. My good work brought me some decent reviews.  Click Here to see.

My babies are Old School Lawn Service which led me to spin off Within the website is Old School Lawn Supplies that is my affiliate marketing program.


There is really no winner here because they both take determination, a desire to do it and a mindset to learn and improve along the way.

They both have great potentials and some cost to start up. But whichever you choose you can be successful if you take the first step and put your all into it. Click Here to get started the way I did.

Thanks for visiting and please feel free to leave any questions or comments below in the comments section.

Good Keyword Machine

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Writing A Post

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Get To Writing Efficiently 

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