Internet Scams Run Deep

When we think of scams there is no limit to what types of scam we have to prepare ourselves for. Some scams will only financially hurt us a little but there are some internet scams that run deep.

manipulationThe only way a scam can work is if the person who is the target is totally blindsided to what is going on. And this can happen to anyone that has not been exposed to the particular scam being run.

My purpose is to report any kind of scam that I run into to the public to put everyone on notice.  Most of the time it amazes me the creativity of scam artist.  My only conclusion is that the scam artist is a mastermind mind manipulator.

Ways A Scammer Can Get To You

We live in a world where social media takes up a lot of peoples time. How long did you think it would take before scammers would use this platform as one of their strongest recruiting fields for unexpectant targets?social-media-scams

Who Would Have Thought A Facebook Scam?

I know that there are plenty of scams but I would have never thought someone would be able to use Facebook to pull off a scam netting around $600,000 dollars.

Who would let this happen to them? Well, as I mentioned earlier con artist are major manipulators who pull out every mind manipulation technique that the average person cannot perceive.

We all are aware that through social media you can make yourself someone who you are really not. Well, that is one of the scam artists most powerful tool. And Facebook can make this real easy for the scammer.

The Doctor Facebook Friend Scamscam-tactics

In this scam, there was a team of scammers who were able to blindside an innocent unexpectant business owner using her naive state of mind into financial downfall.

They simply created a false entity that would throw you off as someone who would not scam another person. Then added accomplices to solidify the scheme.

To make a long story short this scam was designed to use a large amount of money for confusion to pull money out of the victim.scam-artist

After requesting to be a friend to the victim, the doctor, who used another person profile, claimed to need help while trying to come to the US with a large amount of money was jammed up by US customs.

Thinking ahead that this large amount of money would affect the victim’s train of thought, in which it did, was the key to the scam. The scammers also used another person to substantiate that the doctor was actually jammed up to lock in the scam.

Needless to say, they were able to convince the victim that if she sent X amount of dollars, the doctor’s belongings would be released and she could get her money back. This promise was requested several times which netted around $600,000 dollars.

To read more on the story Click Here to get a more in-depth story on just how clever scams can be.share-information

I just felt in my heart that I should share this information to let people know that scams are real and can have people doing things that we might say there is no way I would do this.

But you never know what scam may manipulate your mind and catch you off guard if you never knew how a certain scam actually works.

Thank you for visiting and I hope that you enjoyed the article. Please feel free to elaborate in the comments section because scam knowledge is power and others gain knowledge from what they read.

Work At Home Party

You probably are wondering just what kind of party is a work at home party?  Well, my idea of it is that it becomes a party when all visitors get together with their thoughts and ideas and share them with one another through comments in the comments section.

introductionTo Get It Started…

I have been trying to do a home business for about a year now and it really gives me something to keep my brain juices flowing. Some people like to read books but I like trying to find ways to generate extra income.

Speaking of reading, it is a lot of that involved when you are researching products or types of businesses.  So if you do read a lot it probably won’t be hard for you to take something you are interested in and put it to work for you.

I see a lot of people trying to promote what the best products to sell are or the best business to do at home is. In reality, I feel that if it is a need for something, that pretty much qualifies it as a good thing to get into as a business.

about-affiliate-marketingWhat About Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing will sort of put both the products and the type of business in your lap at the same time. You just have to make sure you like doing the business side and then the products will be unlimited pertaining to the business.

Let me make an example. I started a lawn service earlier this year. If you read any of my writing you have heard me mention this in another post.

old-school-lawn-service-logoThe business side was lawn maintenance and guess what the product side was? Anything that pertained to lawn care, lawn furniture, lawn equipment and any product that is related to the lawn niche.

You can see my point about the products just fall in there with the business idea.

I am pretty sure if you are reading this post you have a desire to try to work from home right? What are your ideas? Are you wanting to just do a particular service type business or are you wanting to also work it from home with affiliate marketing?

home-officeWhat Do You Need For Affiliate Marketing?

Well, I am going to say you yourself with something you like doing and a website. That is really not it.   I’m just playing.

But for real yall,  you don’t really have to pay anybody to build a website and maintain it unless that is what you want to do. I am going to introduce you to a way to do it yourself even if you have never done it before.

All TheTraining And Startup Website You Need

I know you probably heard of all these different places offering you a free website and you can get on your way. What they don’t tell you is that there are things you have to know to get your site up and running properly.

This means making sure you can be found by the search engines and using different plugins to ensure the proper functions on your website.wa-logo

Also, things like having a secure URL (website address) in which people want to see if they are going to do any money transactions on your site.

I am not going to bore you with a lot of information but what I am going to do is refer you to my insight post, click here, and or the video below and it will give you some great information about Wealthy Affiliate and what they can do for you.

If you like what you read or seen you will be able to receive two free websites to start out on from the best affiliate marketing program around with no worries of a whole lot of upsells which other places hit you with.

saluteIf you want to just go ahead and try it with a free membership Click Here and start your journey to affiliate marketing the right way.

Thank you for visiting and I hope you will try affiliate marketing and become successful at it.

Please make this a work at home party and leave any questions or comments in the comments section below. Others would like to hear what is on your mind.