The Truth On Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing has been around for a long time. Even when we were kids and before the internet existed. If you remember anything that gave you something for referring a friend, you witnessed early day affiliate marketing. With what I experienced, I would like to speak the truth on affiliate marketing.

What Does Affiliate Marketing OfferWhat Affiliate Marketing Offers

Affiliate marketing is a way of business that allows an individual to capitalize off of someone else’s products or services. It offers a great way to profit in some sort of way by leading people to what they are considering buying or doing.

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The great part about it is that you can earn revenue without having any inventory to look after and make revenue off of almost anything you never did before such as when you get a commission for turning someone on to getting their windows replaced.  You get where I am going with it, right?

Will It Make You A Millionaire?


That is what everybody wants to believe. Well, I have been doing it for a spell now and I think I can safely say it won’t happen overnight or in a year if you ask me.

Affiliate marketing only pays you a percentage of whatever you lead somebody to and they take action on whatever that offer is. So in order to become a millionaire, that means you will have to be making a lot of deals for whomever you are being an affiliate for.

I am not saying you cannot do it but what I am saying is it doesn’t happen for everybody. And that is just being real and honest with you.

What I Enjoy About ItEnjoy Work

Affiliate marketing gives you a chance to take something you have interest in and digging deeper into it broadening your knowledge of the subject matter.

This keeps you occupied and stimulates your mind which helps you stay focused on a positive way of life. You will find yourself loving to help people out in your choice of products or services.

Me myself, I do it to make money but the most important thing to me is that it gives me my own professional freedom and also it helps in my own personal development that only I can give to myself.  You can work for years somewhere and never get that feeling.

Doing It The Right Way

People who start out doing this will have to deal with all the different types of offers that are out there for you to get started. I want to let you know what to expect.

BewareBeware of being offered a website for free.  Although this could be a good thing a lot of times it is to get you involved and then hit you with a lot of upsells in order to get to the next level.

I always say ask yourself if you do something will you know what it takes to make it work. A lot of places are legitimate at what they give you to start but don’t teach you how to use it. (Hint) Upsells. That is what it will take for them to teach you.

WebsiteThe truth is you will need a website to promote what you are doing. But you need the proper training to teach you all the inside stuff that goes with it like SEO, Keyword Tools, Plugins, Adding Images, Building Followers, Social Media Marketing, Becoming an Affiliate and so forth.

This may sound complicated but it is really not. I started doing it and did not even know not one thing about toying around with a computer. Only to buy things or look up information.

But I got with a program that gives you a couple of websites to build if you become a member at no cost to you. I know I said look out for upsells. But I am here to tell you that this program gave me the websites, training & support I needed to get it done right. Have a look!

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I love it because not once did I feel pressured into any kind of upsell. I chose myself to become a premium member because after trying it I saw it was all a legitimate learning experience.

You can stay a free member if you like but you will not want to because you will want to keep growing your skill for your business. If you do choose to become a premium member it is only $47.00 a month.  So don’t be afraid to try for yourself. Click the image below!

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Affiliate marketing is rewarding and it gives you a chance to expand your horizons. But I beg you not to look at it as a get rich quick scheme. It is truly something that you do out of passion in order to be a legitimate marketer.

Young Or Old PeopleAffiliate marketing is for everybody from young to old, employed or retired and civilian or military. The truth is that it is a great way to make residual income and try to grow it to as large as you want it to be.

I hope this article was helpful to anyone considering affiliate marketing. If there are any questions or comments there is a comments section below. I would love to be of assistance.

Veterans Scam Alert

As a military veteran, I feel I must spread anything that I come across that is aimed at my fellow veterans. My website is geared to report any scam I run into with malice. But this one really hit home and I want to put out this veteran scam alert.

The SourceAARP Logo

Many of you are familiar with AARP. I myself am a member of AARP who I feel do a great job for the seniors of our society. They keep us alert on all political concerns as well as anything that will affect the elderly from upcoming laws. They also inform us of better insurance options across the board.

I ran across this article that was published by the Detroit Free Press that was right for me to push a little further to make as many veterans aware of the information as I could. And that is what I did.

Targeted Scams Designed For Veterans

It is bad enough that as a civilian we have scams that are pushed at us but to have specific target scams takes it to a whole new level. Those are the most heinous of this crime to me because they can be the most deceiving.Targeted Scams

These types of scams aimed at veterans consist of fake business or job opportunities, charity scams and tech support scams that are used to mislead the veterans. These can be put on anybody but some are designed to specifically trick veterans.

So veterans please take this report that I am getting ready to share seriously and don’t become the next victim.

The Actual Scam

Mr. Chad Wright of Greenville, SC was a military veteran who was seriously injured while serving. As with many who are he received a disability check for which he received every month.US Veteran

Just like many people, he came under financial stress. This does not give anyone the right to prey on the situation. He ran into an early option to receive cash now in return for his pension.

As with anybody in a struggle, the offer was tempting enough to make him feel it would be a relief to him. The company who offered it was a company named BAIC.

I tried to google this and all I got was a Chinese state-owned enterprise and holding company of several automobile and machine manufacturers located in Beijing, China.  Can’t really say they are part of it.

To make a long story short, he took the offer and when it was all said and done he traded in his disability payments for a mere $8,000. That does not make Mr. Wright a fool but someone who got approached at a vulnerable time.

That is a sad thing but I want everyone to be aware of just how far people will stoop to swindle you out of whatever you have.

The Very Final Results Of This ScamCourthouse

I had to share the good news behind all of this for the scammers of the world. We won’t take it sitting down.

Because of this, we know that such agreements to purchase military pensions or benefits are prohibited under the Federal Anti-Assignment Acts.

The interest rates on these kinds of deals are too much ranging between 25% and 47.18%. You’d owe far more over time than you borrowed up front.

He is now a plaintiff in a suit filed in the U.S. District Court for the District of South Carolina in Greenville against BAIC Inc., the Voyager Financial Group, and others.

ConclusionSign Up For Scam Reports

Scams target anyone that they can find a point of vulnerability.  I personally remember working for a company that took charity money supposedly for a veterans campaign. I found out after  I did not work there anymore they got raided by a government agency.

So you see these things can look and sound totally legit. And if you don’t research them first, you might find yourself at the wrong end of a bad deal.

The Detroit Free Press did a wonderful thing to make this information noticeable. Especially to a person like me because I am going to put an extension on the information to make even more readers aware.

I want to thank you all who visited us. This is a very good topic and I would be thrilled to hear any questions, comments or experience you might have to share with others.

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Save Money On Amazon Using Honey

This is a way for you to save money while shopping that you will be glad you decided to use. In this post, I will tell you how you can save money on Amazon using honey. I don’t mean the sticky honey but it will help the money stick in your wallet or purse.

The App That Works For You

I am really thrilled to bring you this information because it is legitimate. There is nothing to pay and you don’t have to give out any sensitive personal information. And I am sure you can appreciate that right?


Honey is an app you can add to your chrome browser and it will start to help you save money just by you doing what you already do and that is shopping.

If you are like me you make online purchases and try to find the best deals when you can. Well with this app you have an assistant who takes care of finding deals for you.

How Honey Works

Although it works on other websites I am going to give an example using Amazon. I am an Amazon affiliate and for me, this will help my customers to enjoy their shopping experience while on any of my online stores.

Let’s say you find a product you want. Amazon already have low prices because of the many sellers they have products for. They offer you great prices according to their product page.

Keep in mind there may be another seller that may have a better price on the Amazon platform. This is where Honey steps in and sniffs it out and brings it to your attention.

Honey works in conjunction with Amazon so there is no pirating here. Look at the image below.

Honey Shopping Savings

If you noticed the orange sign, it is telling you that you can save this amount if you use another seller it found on Amazon. So you will still be getting the same product and shopping where you wanted to but with a savings brought to your attention.

The app takes into account the final price of the item (including sales tax and shipping), seller rating, delivery time, and Prime status — so you can still get your Prime deals.

So when this savings opportunity shows up all you do is put that seller’s item into your cart instead of the first offer you saw at the beginning. It will be the same product, put into the same Amazon cart but you save money if you choose to go with the lesser cost.

The really cool part about it is that if the first item up is the best deal Honey will do its thing and even let you know that you already have the best deal.  How sweet is that?

Best Deal Report

So you see, you will have an online assistant shopping with you and it will have your best interest at heart.  Below is a video that shows you in action what it can do.

So what do you think? Just Click Here to add Honey to your chrome browser and start saving.

I love when I can help others gain an advantage as long as it is legitimate. Plus because my stores have Amazon products I feel like I am supplying a mystical coupon in a sense.

I have three stores that my customers are going to benefit from using this app.

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So you see why I am excited about the Honey app as well as when I shop on other sites for myself it works on some of those as well.

Other Benefits

Once you signup you will have other cash back offers from places like Hanes, Sax Fith Avenue, Office Depot & others. And there are coupons for places like Target and you can also earn gold coins which add up to a saving percentage at other locations.

So take advantage of it and find out all it has to offer.  Click Here

I hope this was one of the top helpful posts you encountered and if there are any questions don’t hesitate to put it in the comments section.

If you are already experiencing positive things from using Honey please share it as well.  Thanks for visiting.