Personal Scam Alert
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A Personal Scam Alert

It is getting so bad out here with all the scams we have to watch out for. There are so many types of scams that they can have their own dictionary to explain what they are. I have a personal scam alert that I experienced and wanted to share it with everyone.

The Scam I Encountered

Phone Scam
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I am a small business owner and I have only been operating for 2 years. I have a lawn service that has its own website and don’t really do a lot of transactions on the internet dealing with the company.

I do facebook ads and that is pretty much it online. I am stressing this to show how serious the scam game has become. I have no idea how these people got my information.

One day I received a phone call that raised a red flag immediately. I really could hardly understand the person because of his poor English.

He tried to convince me that there had been an order placed on a credit card with my business name attached to it. I asked him what was purchased.

He replied a computer accessory. What was strange about it is that I had just purchased a computer from a reputable company not even a week ago.

Scam Attempt
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I asked him what it was but got no solid answer. Then I asked what was the card number used on the purchase again no solid answer. He did say it was being shipped to a state far away from where I am.

I got agitated so I asked to speak to a supervisor because I could barely understand him. He put someone else on the phone whos English was barely any better.

This one tried to get me to go online to a website and that is when I lost it. I told him I knew what he was up to and threatened to turn them in if they contacted me again.

This was after I could not get them to tell me who they were and who they represented. They hung up and I never heard from them again.

What Was That Call About
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I don’t even really know what kind of scam it was evolving to unless they were just trying to get more information out of me especially when they tried to get me to go to a website.

I just wanted to share this to show that scammers are out there and will try anything to get what it is they need out of someone. I even told them I had a website that is based around what they try to pull over on people. I was really mad at the time.

The Many Forms of Scams

After this, I was trying to classify what type of scam were they running. So I did find some information about the ten most common scams.

I will be doggone if the number 7 common one was small business scams. It pretty much explained their angle and a gave a few other things that are done in this matter of a scam.

If you would like to view the list just click here. It is pretty broad but it will give you the types that are associated with each one.

Below is a video of some of the most recent phone scams. Not trying to put everybody on the spook, but just trying to raise awareness.


Scams are real. And they are getting more and more advanced as technology and the way information is being gathered from us as consumers broaden.

Information is a big money game now and scammers are taking advantage of it. Look at all the data breaches that keep occurring and that gives you some good insight.

Scams Are Everywhere
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Just think logically about everything you do or with anybody who contacts you through phone, email or mail. Most companies will contact you and will not ask you for all types of information.

It is a shame that we are forced to become paranoid these days because of the number of people who are turning to the life of scamming people.

Thanks for visiting and I hope this information may help someone who might be naive to what is going on out here. Please leave any feedback or questions in the comments section below.

We will respond within 24 hrs and I am sure others will enjoy what you have on your mind.

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