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Amazon Fire Stick Will Save You Money

While Amazon Firestick can save you money, it is a great addition to your household’s entertainment. The new Amazon Firestick also comes with a convenience feature which is the Alexa voice command.

Because of the high cost of cable these days, the Amazon Firestick

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will save you money by allowing you to have access to 140 channels & apps including Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Video with some or no subscription cost. If you are a Prime Member more benefits are involved.

By being Prime Member there are added benefits that come with being an Amazon Firestick owner.  Click The Banner Below to find out more and to try one month free of Amazon Prime.

Extra Features With Amazon Firestick

Some time back I posted about adding the Kodi App to an Amazon Firestick to watch movies that were recently released. This feature allows you to watch movies very shortly after they are released to the theaters.  About the same if not before Red Box Advertises them.

The post I am speaking about is Amazon Firestick Can Save You Money.  The post explained how to jailbreak the firestick to download the Kodi app.  Because of upgrades, the procedure in this post isn’t needed anymore to get Kodi.

But later in this post, we will put Kodi onto the Firestick with the new upgrades involved.

This would allow you to stream movies and download other apps

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that are available like games, movies & other tv sources like Hulu & Netflix.

But I am going to concentrate on the Kodi app because it will save you money in a couple of ways.

First of all, I like to mention that since the last post on downloading Kodi, Amazon has made some upgrades that make it way easier and takes less time to download.

It is a newer version of Kodi also, that actually removed a lot of the glitches that people were facing. It also installs faster with the new upgrade.

How Does It Save Me Money? 

I love watching movies but going to the theaters is very expensive these days. With the help of the Kodi app, I am able to see these movies pretty quickly after their release by streaming them.

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Now I am saving money on theater tickets and the high cost of theater concessions as well.

Another thing I am saving on is renting movies from Red Box. Which use to be the quickest way to see the newly released movies that are available.

Now I am seeing the same movies as Red Box offer through my Amazon Firestick without having to worry about the late return charges that I always got stuck with.

Those are the two ways that I have been saving money since I have been using the Kodi app.

How To Download The Kodi App
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The first thing is you are going to need is an Amazon Firestick. They are a newer version than what I have because now they have the voice command Alexa that they come with as an upgrade.

But if you have an older one like I have, it still will work as if you had the newer one without the voice command. This is because the operation system has been upgraded automatically in them.

This made downloading Kodi much easier so you can start enjoying the savings as you gain more features you can enjoy at home.

Below are two videos which show you how to easily download Kodi onto your Amazon Firestick. There is a video for the older one and the newer one.

So if you do not have an Amazon Firestick I encourage you to Click Here to get one and once you get it follow the instructions in the video below.

Downloading Kodi On the Older Version Of Amazon Firestick

Downloading Kodi On The Newer Version With Alexa

Thank you for visiting and I hope I have provided someone with a way to add some pleasure in their household and save some money at the same time.

Please leave any questions or comments in the comments section below.

8 thoughts on “Amazon Fire Stick Will Save You Money”

  1. Hi! Thanks for a really informative post! I am always looking for a better way to watch movies at home, we don’t have a TV because it’s just too expensive so we connect the computer to a screen. But it becomes harder to stream movies not even talking about new ones. I will definitely check your recommendations!

    1. By all means do Rubi. I just watch A Dog’s Purpose this morning on it. It is at the Red Box so I saved again. I always look at what Red Box has in it and I go and search it out on Kodi using the Exodus app that is installed on Kodi. I love it.

  2. Wow –excellent site…I just got a firestick last week —I downloaded Kodi onto it too—-tons of great free content…..I will never have to pay for cable or satellite again—–I’ve told a few of my friends about the Firestick and they are getting one too! I think everybody should learn about this .

    1. Then you know what I am talking about then. No more Red Box or buying movies again for me. And definitely no more cable bills. I think this is a great help out for the people with a tight budget.

  3. Pretty awesome post. I find the cost of going to the movies now to be very exorbitant–almost cruel. Don’t get me wrong, I prefer the theatres because the social watching experience (especially here in Jamaica) is just hilarious. But nowadays going to the movies is like a luxury–which shouldn’t be so. Thanks so much for this information!

    1. You are welcome. I still will go to the movies every now and then because it is still a family outing. But I have cut down on the money I was spending to watch movies I wanted to see. It is great.

  4. Wow, it was really interesting, I enjoyed reading. Look forward to reading more good materials on the subject. Thank you for sharing this!

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