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Are Gift Cards Safe?

Hello, I feel that it is my duty to write about scams so that people who read my posts will know all the potential scams that are out here. Some may seem outrageous but they happen. Most of us have bought cards off the shelf but are gift cards safe? This will make you wonder.

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There Is A Scam For Every Season

For a long time, I never worried about scams entering into my life. But with everything that deals with technology has a great possibility of having a scam tied to it.

I am sure you have read about many types of scams against the elderly, veterans, and really anybody.

But who would have thought that somebody would orchestrate a way to scam you with a gift card? Well, okay, why not.

This Is How It Works
Walmart Gift Card
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The gift cards you see on shelves are accessible to all who comes in the store. This makes them a target according to the Gartner Research security analyst Avivah Litan.

We are aware that when we buy a gift card they have a security code on it which is revealed when you scratch off the covering hiding it.

In this scam, the thief will record all the information on the card like all the numbers and the security code. You may ask if they scratch the covering off the card will be deemed tampered with right?

Well believe it or not this protective covering can easily be obtained online and used to replace what they scratched off.  People will go to these extremes to put a scam in motion.

Gift Card Scam
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What the thief does then according to David Farquhar who is unit chief with the F.B.I. is use software that can automate the information from the card periodically.

This will alert the criminal when and if any money is applied to the card. With this information, they are able to access those funds.  You might ask how can they use the funds.

One way is to put an ad with an item for sale at a very attractive price.  Once a buyer buys it the money is sent to the scammer. Then in return, they take the card and purchase the item online and it will be sent to the buyer from where they purchased it.  Scam completed.

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I know this sounds really crazy but I read it and felt the need to share it. If an F.B.I. agent exposed this information then chances are it happens.

Another way this scam is run is really high tech. It is called the Botnet Attack. Because this deals directly with using websites and other technical matters I am going to direct you to the source for more information. Click Here and scroll towards the bottom of the page.

Here is a little more information to let you see how serious these scammers are out here with this particular scam.


I personally was in awe of this scam because it was just something you would not expect. So it makes me feel good to at least further the ways this can be revealed.

I did read how you can protect yourself more by buying your gift cards directly from the retailer or other issuers of gift cards. This will ensure that nobody was able to tamper with it.

I am sure that merchants have wind of this as well and have their ways of protecting the use of them. But it is better to know the possibilities than not know at all.

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And that is what Don’t Be Scammed Says Ron stands for. I hope you enjoyed this quick article and that it at least made you aware of yet another scam possibility.

Please, share your thoughts or knowledge on this particular scam or any questions in the comments section below. This is how we fight scams by sharing. Thanks for visiting.

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