Is Driving For Uber Worth It?

Uber has been around for some time now. Are they what they are made out to be? As a driver, I would like to give my side of the story so you can judge for yourself is driving for Uber worth it.

What is Required

In order to drive for Uber, you must pass a background check. You don’t have to have a squeaky clean background but I would say you have to be in good standings criminally & with the DMV.

Some people have had a rough spot in their life but if you have years of being a good citizen you should have no problems.

You must have a vehicle registered in your name and it can’t be over 15 years old. Your driver’s license must be valid and the vehicle has to be insured.

All these things will be checked so make sure you are prepared here prior to signing up.

What You Need to Know

As a driver myself, I want to give my knowledge of being a share-rider.

The first thing is that you must have patience. You will encounter a lot of people who will test that. Remember, Uber is really known for being the vessel that keeps people who drink safe & out of trouble.

The great thing is you should have pride in being able to provide the service.

The other thing is that you also should get a good feeling in providing the many who can’t drive a way to get around with ease. Ease means in a timely & safe manner.

But at the same time, you will run into some trying rides. You have to be able to become a professional customer service rep as well as an un-trained psychologist.

But if you are a generous & righteous person you should be alright.

The Real Truth About It

I am not going to hold back any punches. If you decide you want to drive, remember it is your vehicle. You will put a ton of miles on it.

What does this mean? You have to make sure you have access to money for gas & un-timely repairs. And don’t forget about car washes to keep your vehicle extremely clean.

The insurance will not be cheap as well. But you must make sure you are in compliance with what Uber requires.

You might run into someone who trashes out your vehicle or possibly puke in it. Uber does make the rider pay more if this happens. This is to cover your auto detail cost.

Can you earn good money? Where I live it is extremely busy for Uber. OKC, Oklahoma is where I am. But you must put in the drive time.

If you are willing to drive 6 days for at least 10 hours a day you will make more than the average hourly wage worker but you will be working for yourself.

For me, that is the big picture here. It is much like being your own boss. Remember it is your vehicle, your choice of schedule and your control on how you want to run it.

The Best Part of It

Uber has got to be the safest way someone can drive people around. For one there are no cash transactions.

Not only that, everything is tracked. When someone enters your vehicle, information is known and tracked about you, the driver, where you picked up & dropped off.

You are even able to let people follow your ride at all times if you like through the app. This is most important for female drivers. Plus, as a man it makes me feel better too.

You have many options for obtaining your pay. You can get it right now (Instant Pay)  or you can have it direct deposited into your account. And believe me, it is like clockwork every Monday after the last drive day of the which is Sunday.

Below is a video to get you somewhat of an idea of the app you will use.

Are You Ready To Drive?

If you are like me, you are ready to be your own boss and make a decent pay short of being a business owner. But you will enjoy above-average pay.

I am going to offer you a chance to get started. All I ask is that you sign up, be a true customer service-minded person, and be courteous & righteous.

You will get at least $590 a week.

Now, just click on the invite below and get yourself going to a great way to earn your income.

Thank you for visiting and I hope you will enjoy your new way to make a living at your own pace.

If there are any questions or comments please leave them in the comments section below.

The Perfect Small Business Tool

Those of us who run a small business find that we have put ourselves in a position to constantly track things that pertain to our business activities. In this post, I will talk about what I feel to be the perfect small business tool to take some of the hassles out of your daily business.

Keeping Up With Those Receipts

We all know how difficult it is to track all your business transactions using paper receipts. You always lose some or forget some, right?

With this perfect small business tool, this will be the concern of the past.

Getting Paid With A Service Type Business

Sometimes it is hard to do a scheduled service and expect the customer to always be there to pay you. I know you can relate to that.

Plus you have to keep up with payments so that you can report your income. Again, with this small business tool, you will make it a walk in the park to manage payments.

Other Business Dealings

Most of the time you find yourself already strapped for time and really can’t afford to pay someone to handle things for you.

Let’s take your business transactions like buying equipment, gas and so forth. Using this tool you will know what you did and can track your spendings or money received while you are working.

How? I am getting there and you are going to love it.

What about your mileage deduction at the end of the year for tax time?  Well, once again this tool will assist you with that with a mileage app and calculate your deductions for you.

Speaking of taxes it even gives you your projected quarterly taxes to help you keep up with your potential end of year potential tax obligations.

With all of that, it provides you a dashboard to access all of this information and pull reports as you want them.

Now let’s get to the product without delay.

QuickBooks Self-Employed

I have been using QuickBooks with my lawn service and believe me I feel some great relief from the way I handled business last year.

I am able to keep up with everything without pulling my hair out.

Below is a video that will show you why this product will help you in your everyday business activities as if you had an accountant or assistant for the fraction of the cost.

If you liked what you saw I am going to offer you a 50% discount to try it yourself. Once you do you will be glad you did. 

This offer also goes for QuickBooks Online. 

This product is on this website because it has proven to me that it is a reliable way to track business without the worry of anything to happen that will rip me off.

Attention: You will have to tie in your banking account so that it can track all your transactions going in and out.

So feel free to click on the banner below and start enjoying having your business dealings to become stress-free.


If you believe in making the best of your time, this tool will be a great asset to you in your business dealings. It will help you save time and money to achieve it as well.    Try Now

Thanks for visiting and as a personal user I will say you won’t be scammed trying this product.

If there are any questions or comments please leave them in the comments section below and I will respond within 24 hrs of you posting it.

A Gift For The Intuitive Mind

The intuitive mind is one that feels or knows something is possible. They have an intuition about something before it is perceived. When someone has to try something they are new at, sometimes they feel it can be done. This post contains a gift for the intuitive mind.

About The Gift

The gift I am speaking of is an opportunity to make residual income off of your passion along with a website and other platforms of marketing.

People hear about people doing well by generating income from things like websites, YouTube, Facebook Ads, Google Ads and many other platforms that have joined in giving a platform for marketing.

The only thing missing is the knowledge to know how to properly leverage what is being offered. The intuitive mind already has an inclination that if tried it will work.

This makes the gift a great gift to the intuitive mind.

Do you have an Intuitive Mind?

Intuitive Mind

I am guessing yes if you are still reading this. I will delay no more by offering a tool to allow you to dig in and prove your mind right.

All I am giving as a gift is a platform to educate those with no knowledge on how to obtain what they already think is a good thing and strengthen the knowledge of those that already know some things.

So I am offering you a free membership to a training platform that will touch all bases of internet marketing which is constantly growing.

The Gift

Wealthy Affiliate Logo

The gift is a free membership to Wealthy Affiliate whom I have been involved with for over 3 years now. I have learned a great deal above building my own website.

This program branches off into different avenues for different people. I personally increased the business to my lawn service using what I learned from the program such as techniques using Facebook, Google My Business, and just all simple internet marketing.

I knew potential customers existed online because it is just self-evident. I just needed to know how to tap into it.  And that is what this gift will do for you.

Like everything else, it is up to you to put it into action. But one thing I can vouch for is that the training is there and it works.


If you want to claim your gift of free training just sign up for your free trial. The free trial lasts as long as you like. You will get some basic training which will let you know that you could make this work.

If you feel you can’t, then you are at no loss. If you like it and want more training it is only $47.00 monthly to indulge yourself with video training accompanied by other Wealthy Affiliate members in real-time.

This is done every Friday evening for all Premium members. Once you choose to leave the free membership status that is what you will be. A Premium Member.

This above and beyond the self-paced online lessons that are in addition to the limited lessons as a free member.

Take your free membership today. Click below.


Thanks for visiting and I hope your gift helps you in achieving some goals. Please leave any questions or comments below.

Get Rich Quick Schemes That Work

Getting rich quick is something that everyone wishes that they could do. The most legitimate way that I could imagine is to hit an overstuffed state lottery prize award. Realistically, I don’t believe there are any get rich quick schemes that work that will not land you in jail. Anytime you hear the word quick it should raise up a red flag.

What Is A Get Rich Quick Scheme?

There are various types of getting rich quick schemes in which some are downright immoral and the others are deceitful. They all are supposed to give you a large return on little investment or little work.

Get Rich Quick

But can you accomplish anything without hard work? As long as I have been on this earth everyone I know had to invest time and work into something that became successful.

Things that are considered get rich quick schemes includes scamming people which basically lures you into deceiving others for their money.

There have been many over the years that some have profited off of but it is all ill-gotten gain in my book.  Various tactics like selling a fictitious piece of land, selling the fact that you have a talent in something or simply made up lawsuits. You get the idea.

Getting Rich But Not Quick

Now, this is the way to go if you want to get rich at all. Unless you were fortunate enough to inherit wealth you have to find a way to do it legitimately.

Getting rich is not going to happen for someone who sits and waits for it. But how much would you consider rich? 1 million, 2 million or maybe a billion? I think rich is when you have enough that it keeps growing before you can spend into it.

Long Term Goal

But to acquire it you have to put in mental & physical work and enjoy doing it.


I have been trying my hand at it and believe me it is not a walk in the park but it is satisfying because I enjoy what I do. I work with a lawn service & some affiliate websites.

Neither is going to make me rich quick but I could build up enough that it can start growing before I can spend it.

Have you any ideas that have been rolling around in your head from time to time? If so these things are probably passions of yours which is a great starting block to start your own getting rich campaign.

Notice I said get rich without the quick on the end. This is because I believe honest hard work is the way to truly becoming rich in every sense of the word.

How I Can Help

If you have any business idea then I can help you start a good foundation to grow it and brand it while you are at it. Like I said I have a lawn service in which I gave some time to build my own website to it.

This in turn, because of writing post drew me closer to my passion and enhanced my knowledge of the profession.

Make The Right Decision

Then I learned how to attach affiliate marketing to the business as well as add a few more affiliate websites for residual income on top of the lawn service income.

I would like to offer you a program that helped me get it all done and now it is just a matter of hard work and waiting for the results to pay off.

If the basis of your idea can be accomplished with the concept I just explained you will benefit from this free membership offer I am going to give you.

Try it out free with no upfront cost or credit card information. If you see you can benefit from it you can become a premium member for about a $1.56 a day.

The program is with Wealthy Affiliate. I am not going write out in detail how this could possibly help you. Instead, watch the video below to get a feel of what it can do.

Create A Website In Under 30 Seconds

Now that you have touched on this program it shows you are interested. The next step is to take the free membership and go from there. 

But you will never know until you try it. 


Don’t be the one who wastes time chasing these get rich quick schemes which will only frustrate you. Rely on your own passion, hard work and determination to get to that point you want to be at. 

I am one to tell you quickly if you think what I am offering you is going to make you rich quick you might as well move on to something else. 

But if you want to learn how to master affiliate marketing to whatever level you want to achieve through personal effort you can start right here right now! 

I hope that I have gotten you started on your way and I want to thank you for visiting in with us. If you have any questions or comments please leave them in the comments section below. I will respond within 24 hrs of you posting it.  

A Personal Scam Alert

It is getting so bad out here with all the scams we have to watch out for. There are so many types of scams that they can have their own dictionary to explain what they are. I have a personal scam alert that I experienced and wanted to share it with everyone.

The Scam I Encountered

Phone Scam

I am a small business owner and I have only been operating for 2 years. I have a lawn service that has its own website and don’t really do a lot of transactions on the internet dealing with the company.

I do facebook ads and that is pretty much it online. I am stressing this to show how serious the scam game has become. I have no idea how these people got my information.

One day I received a phone call that raised a red flag immediately. I really could hardly understand the person because of his poor English.

He tried to convince me that there had been an order placed on a credit card with my business name attached to it. I asked him what was purchased.

He replied a computer accessory. What was strange about it is that I had just purchased a computer from a reputable company not even a week ago.

Scam Attempt

I asked him what it was but got no solid answer. Then I asked what was the card number used on the purchase again no solid answer. He did say it was being shipped to a state far away from where I am.

I got agitated so I asked to speak to a supervisor because I could barely understand him. He put someone else on the phone whos English was barely any better.

This one tried to get me to go online to a website and that is when I lost it. I told him I knew what he was up to and threatened to turn them in if they contacted me again.

This was after I could not get them to tell me who they were and who they represented. They hung up and I never heard from them again.

What Was That Call About

I don’t even really know what kind of scam it was evolving to unless they were just trying to get more information out of me especially when they tried to get me to go to a website.

I just wanted to share this to show that scammers are out there and will try anything to get what it is they need out of someone. I even told them I had a website that is based around what they try to pull over on people. I was really mad at the time.

The Many Forms of Scams

After this, I was trying to classify what type of scam were they running. So I did find some information about the ten most common scams.

I will be doggone if the number 7 common one was small business scams. It pretty much explained their angle and a gave a few other things that are done in this matter of a scam.

If you would like to view the list just click here. It is pretty broad but it will give you the types that are associated with each one.

Below is a video of some of the most recent phone scams. Not trying to put everybody on the spook, but just trying to raise awareness.


Scams are real. And they are getting more and more advanced as technology and the way information is being gathered from us as consumers broaden.

Information is a big money game now and scammers are taking advantage of it. Look at all the data breaches that keep occurring and that gives you some good insight.

Scams Are EverywhereJust think logically about everything you do or with anybody who contacts you through phone, email or mail. Most companies will contact you and will not ask you for all types of information.

It is a shame that we are forced to become paranoid these days because of the number of people who are turning to the life of scamming people.

Thanks for visiting and I hope this information may help someone who might be naive to what is going on out here. Please leave any feedback or questions in the comments section below.

We will respond within 24 hrs and I am sure others will enjoy what you have on your mind.

Creativity Should Be A Plus

There are many of us who as kids were very curious and experimental. This usually leads to being really creative as we get older. Building websites are one way to get your creative juices flowing.  And with a little learning how to, your creativity should be a plus for you or whoever you build them for.

Who Are Websites For

Creative People

Websites are for anybody who wants to get information out to the billions of people who access the internet. It is one way to get what you are saying, displaying, selling or whatever is in on your mind out to the public.

This means if you have any purpose you would like to get exposure to websites are just as important as radio, tv, newspapers, mailers, phone calls & texts or email. In fact, websites are an extension to things like social media, youtube marketing, and all the other forms of advertising.

Why, because many people utilize web pages to get a more in-depth view of who or what they are looking for. When used in conjunction with other means of marketing you will be pretty successful in promoting products, yourself, a business, an idea or anything your creative minds guide you too.

Is It Easy?Creative Children

As with anything else you have to learn how to properly produce & market a website so that it is getting maximum exposure for it to show that it is being effective.

There are many ways to accomplish this. One way is through SEO in which it helps to get educated on.

The other is social media and again it is wise to learn the techniques in using this platform for the best results.

Then there is paid marketing like Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Bing Ads, and many others. All of which is another reason why you need to learn the proven techniques through training.

Does It Work?

Creative Thoughts

I would say yes to this. I have been doing it with little time to invest like unlike when I first tried it. My lawn service gets all my time and leaves me about 3 months a year to work on my sites now.

I will say through what I did learn from the early training is that a website does work. I built the website for my lawn service and use post and different free & paid ads with it.

And believe it or not, it is responsible for at least 1/3 of my clients. It helps me establish trust with potential customers and does many other things such as selling some affiliate products I write about dealing with lawn maintenance in my post.

Who I Used For My Training

Creative Training

When I first thought about trying my hand at website building I did not have the lawn service. But I had other ideas that a website could help me with.

I thought about all the places that were offering free websites and even dipped into it.  The first thing I learned was sure I got this website but now what do I do.

Then I started to run into all these places who wanted to charge you to train you. The more information the more you paid. So I kept on trying to find something that would help me without a lot of hidden costs.

The Best Training I Found

I am going to try to save anybody who has been in the same predicament or want to get off to a good start without all the searching I had to do.

Wealthy Affiliate Logo

I finally ran into Wealthy Affiliate. I checked every review I could find and youtube videos as well. As with anything you have somebody who is not satisfied with something no matter what it is.

But what I did find was that the good totally outweighed the bad. Then once I made the step to try it, mainly because of the free membership, I saw all it had over what I was trying.

Here is a video to give you somer insight.

It had the same free website offer but this time I could get the hosting and the hands-on step by step training that even included videos for one small cost per month.

I know you are thinking what happened to the free membership. I could have stayed a free member and had the websites but the free membership would not have let me go to the next level I wanted to achieve.

Below are what I have done before my lawn service.  Click on the logos.

Rons Cycle Plus Logo Lithium Power Plus Logo

Premium Membership At Wealthy Affiliate

After you take a free membership you have the option to go premium in which you get the advanced training that takes you into social media marketing, deeper SEO techniques, plenty of community support and advanced video training from our man around here, Jay with his Google juice.

Everybody has fun while we are learning and it is just an awesome experience. The great thing about it is that you will never be forced into any upsells.

You soon learn what you actually need to advance your website and that it is worth paying for. Because what is taught will let you know what you don’t have to do such as purchase plugins or other extras you don’t have to have for you to succeed.

Believe me, that is a plus if you do not know. You will be inclined to make unnecessary purchases because it sounds like you need it.

So with that being said, You can see how you are getting the website, the training you are going to need and a great perspective on how to move forward with your idea.

Premium Membership

If you decide to go premium after checking into it the cost will only be $47.00 a month. But remember you don’t have to if you don’t want to but you will after you get a taste of the value in it.

You will learn how to get started in Affiliate marketing with Amazon and other affiliate marketing programs. This will give you products to promote with no inventory. I’m telling you exciting stuff.

So Click Here to get your free membership and weigh it out for yourself. I promise you the value of this program will show itself to you.


First off I hope that I have introduced someone to something that will help them put there creativeness to work. While I don’t have time to plunge deep into the affiliate marketing side, this program helped me gain customers for my lawn service.

And I did it all myself. No paying anyone to maintain my website for me and I was even able to add an Amazon Affiliate store to this website.

To see my works on the lawn service Click Here and visit the online store in the header.

All of this I learned from taking the time to try out Wealthy Affiliate and it was certainly worth it.

Thanks for visiting and I would love to answer any comment or question you may have if you would leave them in the comment section below.

Learn About SEO For Your Online Ideas

If you have been considering trying your hand online to earn income and have used a company that gave you a free website but don’t know what to do next. I have a great way for you to learn about SEO which is needed to get traffic to your website.

What Is SeoWhat is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. What it accomplishes is the process of getting free, organic, editorial or national search result traffic from search engines on the internet to your website.

Your major search engines which are Google, Bing & Yahoo can produce many visitors to your site as well as other search engines that are being used by information seekers.

There is a lot involved in optimizing your website & articles you produce, that you need to learn about to capture some of the traffic of the people searching for various things online.

Below is a video explaining how SEO works. You will get a clear picture of what it is about with this visual.

A True Way To Learn More

While you yourself may have been searching trying to see how you can learn more, you might have run into an outfit named Wealthy Affiliate.

I am sure in your searches you have run into a lot of free website offers which are great. It is a start to a venture.

But if you have a website and don’t know how to make it productive you will soon get frustrated if it doesn’t produce.

The frustration increases when whoever you have the site with wants to charge you extra for phone, chat or text support to assist you.

Internet Searching

All the while you are being told what to do but not why you are doing it. Get my point?

Wouldn’t you love to really be digging into effective lessons that really educate you in the process of learning SEO?

And at the same time learning other things like website design, social media marketing, affiliate companies for products to promote and much more?

The True Way I Promised

This is where I ask you to do something that will not cost you anything to investigate for yourself.

If you are serious about learning, it will not hurt you to check it out.

I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate and I want you to click on the link below to get a look inside of our member’s area.

This is why I am giving you an opportunity not only to get two free websites but also a way to learn everything hands-on in making them productive.

Wealthy Affiliate

I assure you if you take the time to look into this offer you will thank me later for guiding you to it.

The only cost that you will hear of to this membership is to become a premium member which means you get access to advanced training.

Now I want you to click this link below to see the Entrepreneur Certification program inside of Wealthy Affiliate.

Premium membership is a very affordable membership of $47.00 a month and it will include all the training including live training classes as long as you are a member.

But you can stay on the free membership plan and learn as well. But believe me, you will become a premium member after you witness just how valuable this program is.

So go ahead and click the banner below to get this free membership that will have you wanting more.  This I promise you.

Thanks for visiting and I hope I led you to something you find very valuable to your online ideas.

Feel free to leave any questions and comments in the comments section below and I will assist you.

Why You Need A Google My Business Account

Online Searching

There are a lot of small business owners who know that exposure is key to surviving. It is always good to let someone who is looking for what your business has to offer online that you exist. This is why you need a google my business account.

What it will do is give a potential customer some idea of what you are about in business and what you can offer them. It also gives them a first impression on you as well.

What Google My Business Will Do For You

Last year I started a lawn service and I wanted someway to let people know who I was. But I needed to do it with as little cost as I could. At least until I could generate some income.

Google My Business Page

I had no idea of where to start or what to set up to show myself.

But I noticed that this Google My Business thing would provide me a way to give information on my business that would lead to people being more willing to call on me.

The great thing is that it provided information on where I was located and a way to contact me along with my business hours.

Another thing is that it allows you to show images of your choice that is associated with your business. A good example is before & after and so forth. This is key to showing your work.

Business Meeting

You can also write articles or post to further your personalization attempts to your potential customers.

If you have a physical business location where you need to have customers come, the directions and map assistance is there for you.

My favorite is that there is a way to receive reviews on the service that you provide. This gives the potential customer a way to gauge whether you are worth calling or not.

Having A Website Is Key

When you have a website in place it also gives you a way to link from the Google My Business ad to whatever you want people to know or learn from you.

People can get a feel for the message you are trying to send. It allows potential customers to dig deeper into the company or business itself. Being true and honest on all you do with this opportunity will only pay off in the long run.


Are you the type that likes to control what you do?

To me, it helps you get your point across because of everything you do with it is coming directly from the source as you build and present your information.

In fact, I started building my own website with the help of a very well known platform that is designed to help anybody build and run their own website amongst other things.

The name of the group is Wealthy Affiliate. Because I was able to join this organization at no cost, it was right up my alley being a new business.

Not only did I learn how to build my companies website and avoid some expense, I learned all the things involved with operating it so that it would be found online.

There was so much that Wealthy Affiliate made me aware of I became a premium member and will never have to worry about paying anyone to handle my website unless I choose to.

The website they taught me to build is the very website that people go to when they click on the website tab on my Google My Business page.

How I Was Introduced To Google My Business

I had noticed the little pages that business had to the right of the screen but never really gave it much thought until I started getting involved with the live training with Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate Logo

The program covers many things that will assist you in getting the most out of your marketing efforts utilizing the internet. It actually helped me understand why the Google My Business page would be a plus. These extended courses are available once you become a premium member.

If you would like to try it out and do some internet marketing for yourself Click Here. 

If you would like to get an inside look at what Wealthy Affiliate is all about just Click Here to get a sneak preview and go from there.


If you own your own business you know the importance of getting some exposure. There are many ways to advertise but Google My Business is one of the ways you can control your destiny.

So if you are like me just starting out or just need to personally know more, this can be very beneficial to you in many ways.

Open For Business

Thank you for visiting and I hope that I provided a legitimate way to help you expand or get your business off to a good start.

Click Here to let Wealthy Affiliate help you with its many ways to guide you with internet marketing for your business.

If you have any questions or comments there is a comments section below. We would love to hear your perspective or what you may have done to market your business.

Are Gift Cards Safe?

Hello, I feel that it is my duty to write about scams so that people who read my posts will know all the potential scams that are out here. Some may seem outrageous but they happen. Most of us have bought cards off the shelf but are gift cards safe? This will make you wonder.

ScammerThere Is A Scam For Every Season

For a long time, I never worried about scams entering into my life. But with everything that deals with technology has a great possibility of having a scam tied to it.

I am sure you have read about many types of scams against the elderly, veterans, and really anybody.

But who would have thought that somebody would orchestrate a way to scam you with a gift card? Well, okay, why not.

This Is How It WorksWalmart Gift Card

The gift cards you see on shelves are accessible to all who comes in the store. This makes them a target according to the Gartner Research security analyst Avivah Litan.

We are aware that when we buy a gift card they have a security code on it which is revealed when you scratch off the covering hiding it.

In this scam, the thief will record all the information on the card like all the numbers and the security code. You may ask if they scratch the covering off the card will be deemed tampered with right?

Well believe it or not this protective covering can easily be obtained online and used to replace what they scratched off.  People will go to these extremes to put a scam in motion.

Gift Card ScamWhat the thief does then according to David Farquhar who is unit chief with the F.B.I. is use software that can automate the information from the card periodically.

This will alert the criminal when and if any money is applied to the card. With this information, they are able to access those funds.  You might ask how can they use the funds.

One way is to put an ad with an item for sale at a very attractive price.  Once a buyer buys it the money is sent to the scammer. Then in return, they take the card and purchase the item online and it will be sent to the buyer from where they purchased it.  Scam completed.Advertised Product

I know this sounds really crazy but I read it and felt the need to share it. If an F.B.I. agent exposed this information then chances are it happens.

Another way this scam is run is really high tech. It is called the Botnet Attack. Because this deals directly with using websites and other technical matters I am going to direct you to the source for more information. Click Here and scroll towards the bottom of the page.

Here is a little more information to let you see how serious these scammers are out here with this particular scam.


I personally was in awe of this scam because it was just something you would not expect. So it makes me feel good to at least further the ways this can be revealed.

I did read how you can protect yourself more by buying your gift cards directly from the retailer or other issuers of gift cards. This will ensure that nobody was able to tamper with it.

I am sure that merchants have wind of this as well and have their ways of protecting the use of them. But it is better to know the possibilities than not know at all.Amazon Gift Card

And that is what Don’t Be Scammed Says Ron stands for. I hope you enjoyed this quick article and that it at least made you aware of yet another scam possibility.

Please, share your thoughts or knowledge on this particular scam or any questions in the comments section below. This is how we fight scams by sharing. Thanks for visiting.

Honey App Is It Worth It?

In these days we have become avid shoppers because of the internet. It has opened up more resources for us to buy instead of having to visit a retail store near us. If you shop a lot and like saving money the Honey App is worth it because it will sniff out savings for you.

What Is The Honey App?Honey App Example

The Honey App is an extension (top right) that you ad to your Chrome browser that will help you on other websites to find the best deal. It also has a drop-down on the app emblem on your browser to offer you different deals.

When you are shopping on Amazon it will literally tell you if the offer you are looking at is the best deal or not.  Sometimes there are other sellers on the Amazon site that might be offering a better deal than the one you are currently looking at.

It also lets you know other valuable information such as how many times a price might have changed and you can also set it to let you know if a product you have an interest in has a price decrease.

Honey Info

The coolest thing about this app is that it actually sniffs out discount codes on many other shopping websites for you. When a site asks if you have a discount code Honey will do the work finding one for you.

There is really not much I have to tell you about how valuable this app is. The bottom line is that it will help you save money in many ways and all you have to do is add it to your Chrome browser.

Online Shopping

The only thing that I can see that might frustrate someone is when it is going through the coupon codes for you it can go through them one at a time and if there is 20 of them you have a small wait.

But for what it is worth this app is a valuable app to have if you are an regular online shopper. And it does not cost you a cent to use it.

Below I took the liberty to find a shopper who has a lot of praise for what the Honey App has done for her.


I think that using this app will not hurt anyone. I am sure that it will show you the difference in just buying as you find things and having a money-saving app to assist you.  If you like getting deals this app is what you want to try.Honey Browser Emblem

Click Here to get started.

Thank you for visiting and I hope I introduced you to something you will find valuable while you are shopping.  Please leave any question or comments in the comments section below.

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