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Creativity Should Be A Plus

There are many of us who as kids were very curious and experimental. This usually leads to being really creative as we get older. Building websites are one way to get your creative juices flowing.  And with a little learning how to, your creativity should be a plus for you or whoever you build them for.

Who Are Websites For

Creative People
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Websites are for anybody who wants to get information out to the billions of people who access the internet. It is one way to get what you are saying, displaying, selling or whatever is in on your mind out to the public.

This means if you have any purpose you would like to get exposure to websites are just as important as radio, tv, newspapers, mailers, phone calls & texts or email. In fact, websites are an extension to things like social media, youtube marketing, and all the other forms of advertising.

Why, because many people utilize web pages to get a more in-depth view of who or what they are looking for. When used in conjunction with other means of marketing you will be pretty successful in promoting products, yourself, a business, an idea or anything your creative minds guide you too.

Is It Easy?
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As with anything else you have to learn how to properly produce & market a website so that it is getting maximum exposure for it to show that it is being effective.

There are many ways to accomplish this. One way is through SEO in which it helps to get educated on.

The other is social media and again it is wise to learn the techniques in using this platform for the best results.

Then there is paid marketing like Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Bing Ads, and many others. All of which is another reason why you need to learn the proven techniques through training.

Does It Work?

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I would say yes to this. I have been doing it with little time to invest like unlike when I first tried it. My lawn service gets all my time and leaves me about 3 months a year to work on my sites now.

I will say through what I did learn from the early training is that a website does work. I built the website for my lawn service and use post and different free & paid ads with it.

And believe it or not, it is responsible for at least 1/3 of my clients. It helps me establish trust with potential customers and does many other things such as selling some affiliate products I write about dealing with lawn maintenance in my post.

Who I Used For My Training

Creative Training
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When I first thought about trying my hand at website building I did not have the lawn service. But I had other ideas that a website could help me with.

I thought about all the places that were offering free websites and even dipped into it.  The first thing I learned was sure I got this website but now what do I do.

Then I started to run into all these places who wanted to charge you to train you. The more information the more you paid. So I kept on trying to find something that would help me without a lot of hidden costs.

The Best Training I Found

I am going to try to save anybody who has been in the same predicament or want to get off to a good start without all the searching I had to do.

Wealthy Affiliate Logo
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I finally ran into Wealthy Affiliate. I checked every review I could find and youtube videos as well. As with anything you have somebody who is not satisfied with something no matter what it is.

But what I did find was that the good totally outweighed the bad. Then once I made the step to try it, mainly because of the free membership, I saw all it had over what I was trying.

Here is a video to give you somer insight.

It had the same free website offer but this time I could get the hosting and the hands-on step by step training that even included videos for one small cost per month.

I know you are thinking what happened to the free membership. I could have stayed a free member and had the websites but the free membership would not have let me go to the next level I wanted to achieve.

Below are what I have done before my lawn service.  Click on the logos.

Lithium Power Plus Logo
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Premium Membership At Wealthy Affiliate

After you take a free membership you have the option to go premium in which you get the advanced training that takes you into social media marketing, deeper SEO techniques, plenty of community support and advanced video training from our man around here, Jay with his Google juice.

Everybody has fun while we are learning and it is just an awesome experience. The great thing about it is that you will never be forced into any upsells.

You soon learn what you actually need to advance your website and that it is worth paying for. Because what is taught will let you know what you don’t have to do such as purchase plugins or other extras you don’t have to have for you to succeed.

Believe me, that is a plus if you do not know. You will be inclined to make unnecessary purchases because it sounds like you need it.

So with that being said, You can see how you are getting the website, the training you are going to need and a great perspective on how to move forward with your idea.

Premium Membership
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If you decide to go premium after checking into it the cost will only be $47.00 a month. But remember you don’t have to if you don’t want to but you will after you get a taste of the value in it.

You will learn how to get started in Affiliate marketing with Amazon and other affiliate marketing programs. This will give you products to promote with no inventory. I’m telling you exciting stuff.

So Click Here to get your free membership and weigh it out for yourself. I promise you the value of this program will show itself to you.


First off I hope that I have introduced someone to something that will help them put there creativeness to work. While I don’t have time to plunge deep into the affiliate marketing side, this program helped me gain customers for my lawn service.

And I did it all myself. No paying anyone to maintain my website for me and I was even able to add an Amazon Affiliate store to this website.

To see my works on the lawn service Click Here and visit the online store in the header.

All of this I learned from taking the time to try out Wealthy Affiliate and it was certainly worth it.

Thanks for visiting and I would love to answer any comment or question you may have if you would leave them in the comment section below.

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