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DIY Internet Marketing For Small Business Owners

There is nothing like having a small business and not having a way to obtain your marketing needs financially due to your start up cost.

Our business idea could be a very lucrative idea but it needs to have a presence in the marketing world to get exposure.

This can be done with a DIY internet marketing for small business owners plan. Many times it is pretty tight for most of us who first start up.

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Today I am going to cover a way to take the matter into your own hands as I did to tackle one facet of marketing that is a pretty strong force to have as a small business owner.

A Company Website

One of the most powerful marketing tools today is having a website. It lets people get a look at what you are about prior to contacting you.

It is a way to personalize yourself to them and lead them to contact you for a product or service. There are so many things you can leverage from this form of advertising.

Why Should You Have A Website?
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  1. It is your online brochure which is the same as distributing them manually but electronically.
  2. It will provide another means of getting more potential client contact for your business.
  3. It brings value to your business. This will help people perceive your business as a legitimate & professional force as well as banks if you should ever need financial help.
  4. It gives you some influence on people who might view your site looking for services or products you are offering.
  5. It keeps you up to date on your business niche if you are writing related post. Writing post will have you keeping up with information in your related business.
  6. By doing it yourself, you save on one expense you normally would have to pay someone else to do. But who knows more about your business than yourself?

Click Here to view my small business website. Here you will see that I have explained what my company is about, who I am, what services I  offer, what related products I have to sell, some informational post, and most important how professional I handle my business.

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All of this I did it the DIY (DO It Yourself) way because I financially couldn’t afford another payment to pay a company.

With this post, I aim to help other small business owners achieve this form of advertising with a DIY method and opportunity that has been extremely positive for me at minimal cost.

How Can I Get Started…

I would like to introduce you to Wealthy Affiliate the platform that helps me achieve my internet marketing. It is a platform that will provide all your needs for your internet marketing campaign.

If you never built your own website before there is nothing to fear. Wealthy Affiliate will provide you all the training you need to set up, create, and put your website to work in a timely but effective fashion.

Even if you are already paying someone to do a website, it might be a good idea to check this out because you could stand to cut some expense.

I want to ask you to click on this link to find out more about the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

You can see it will give you an opportunity to test the waters with a

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free membership with no strings attached and a couple of websites to build.

This is a great opportunity for someone who has never done this before to see if it is for them or not.

Please Click Here to see how easy it is to get started on building your own companies website.

Thank you for visiting and I am going to ask you to take a step towards adding or removing the expense of having a website for your business. Click Here to get started.

Please leave any questions or comments in the comment section. No question is a bad question when it comes to giving you small business company an influential tool.

6 thoughts on “DIY Internet Marketing For Small Business Owners”

  1. Very nice website . I navigated with ease and viewed very informative articles. All of which will help anyone wanting a home or small business.

    1. Thanks, Maurice. I was hoping that someone would be able to find articles that would interest them as they scan it. People have different things they may want to read about and it is important that they can find something easily. I’m glad it was a pleasing visit for you. Visit again sometimes.

  2. Agreed, a website is very important. I like the easy to read layout of your website with the menu on the top. It’s easy to read and not too busy. Thanks for taking the time to write about the importance of a website.

  3. I can attest that Wealthy Affiliate is the best program for someone looking to get started in Internet Marketing. I have been a member for over a year now and all the tools and support are there for you. The best part is it won’t cost a penny to get your site up and running.

    1. And it really is. Many people would probably start doing their own sites if they knew about how Wealthy Affiliate teaches you to do it no matter if you have experience or not. It has a great foundation set up with plenty of support. Thank you for adding to the fact of how Wealthy Affiliate can help someone accomplish their internet plans. Thanks for visiting.

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