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Free Keyword Tool

If you are running one or more websites and are wanting to get traffic from the search engines, you will want to have a tool that can help you get information on the keywords that you plan to use.  This keyword tool will help you to see how valuable it can be.

The Jaaxy Keyword Tool.  Give it a try!

What this tool will do for you is provide you the means of finding high-quality keywords that will help you to get ranked in the search engines.

When it comes to marketing this will be very beneficial to you because this tool will provide you with some stats that lets you determine what you feel will be the best keyword for your particular post or campaign.

The Key Factors Of The Tool

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What I like about it is that when I am searching for a strong keyword it lets me know a few stats to help me determine which keyword will give me a good chance of accomplishing ranking success.

Inside the keyword tool, you will have noticed six categories that will give you different stats.  They are AVG, TRAFFIC, QSR, KQI, SEO & DOMAINS.  below is a breakdown of each.

Jaaxy Dashboard
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  • AVG – The estimated average number of searches the keyword will get per month.
  • TRAFFIC – This tells you how many visits per month you can expect if you can get the first-page ranking you are after.
  • QSR – This will tell you how many websites you are competing with on this keyword.
  • KQI – This is a very cool color-coded way of letting you know the quality of the keyword in stoplight fashion.  (green, yellow & red)
  • SEO – This is a ranking scale from 1 – 100 the highest meaning the best chance to rank using the chosen keyword.
  • DOMAINS – This actually gives you some domains that are available for the keyword. (ex. com, net, org)

So, if you have not tried the free search above I encourage you to try it out yourself so you too will also see how this can help you in your next post or campaign.

Good luck in your business venture and please feel free to leave any questions or comments below.

8 thoughts on “Free Keyword Tool”

    1. That is wonderful. Thank you for sharing your experience using Jaaxy. I know it is a good tool but others need to here others vouch for how helpful it is for content writing.

  1. Thanks for this great review. Jaaxy is an excellent tool for getting information on high-quality keywords. It really helps to get ranked and to increase traffic, what eventually leads to success.

    1. You are welcome. It is definitely what you need to help your content get ranked in the search engines. Plus it helps you weigh out which keywords would probably perform the best by supplying you the data of your chosen keyword.

  2. Jaaxy truly is an amazing tool and really can’t be beaten. I originally tried the free version of Jaaxy, fell in love, and upgraded.

    I think you’ve given a great overview of the tool here and any new potential Jaaxy users should find it very helpful and informative. If I was a new user I think the best part here is that you’ve included what all the abbreviations and acronyms actually mean (QSR, KQI etc.)

    Great job!

    1. Thanks, Brittany. I try to give enough information so that when someone reads it I might have answered a question before it even comes to mind. This also will let people know they won’t be wasting their time to look further into it.

  3. Hello, I find your article very informative. You give a great review of all the elements within WA. I think it’s well thought out and compelling. Keep up the great work and you will go far!

    1. Thank you, Danny. I try to get people to take advantage of a lot of things that I was skeptical about when I was first getting started. If at all possible I try to present them with a hands-on way of doing it so they can really feel if it will work for them or not.

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