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Good Keyword Machine

In the world of internet marketing, the affiliate marketer is constantly trying to get traffic to their website and a good keyword machine would make their life much easier.

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This will help bring traffic which turns into regular visitors that converts into residual income in the long run. If you are writing website content you will love this tool.

It will help you achieve good traffic to the site from Google and other search engines as well as find a good domain name when you are first building a website.

Writing A Post

When we write a post we are focusing in on the gist of the topic. We want to use keywords that will connect the searcher’s thoughts right to our website via the search engine.

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Imagine if you would you are writing a post and then use the free keyword tool below to pick out a keyword that fits the essence of the content in your mind.

The tool you just used is the Jaaxy Keyword Tool. It is one of the most powerful keyword tools for website and niche research. It will be a great plus to your website building and posting.

With it, you can research domain names as well as keyword validity in detail which will help you be more efficient constructing your website or content.

Using this tool will give you information on how much possible traffic you will receive on a keyword as well as how much competition the keyword will put you against.

There is also SEO ranking information and a color code that alerts you to how valuable the keyword you choose is. This is done by placing a green, yellow or red circle by each keyword that is pulled up in the search.

So if you liked using this tool you can sign up for free and get 30 free searches. Once you see that this tool will work for you, sign up and get unlimited searches for $19.00 a month for the Pro version or $49.00 a month for the Enterprise version.

Below is a chart that breaks down all three of the versions.

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Get To Writing Efficiently 

Jaaxy is a great keyword machine that will allow you to research your keywords quickly and effectively allowing you to concentrate more on writing your content.

And remember if you are searching for a domain name it will also let you know what is available in reference to your keyword.

I hope you find Jaaxy an asset to you and if you have any questions or comments please free to leave them below.

6 thoughts on “Good Keyword Machine”

  1. Oh, never heard of this keyword search tool at all, the chart is fantastic in explaining the three different options. Do you know if it is as good as the google keyword search tool?

    1. Good question. I took the liberty of trying to get to the Google Keyword Search Tool and it just kept trying to get me to sign up for Goodge Adwords. I would say that it most likely does the same thing as Jaxxy does but probably in a different way. Jaxxy does give you an SEO ranking that is based on traffic and competition letting you know your chances of ranking for that keyword. I did watch a video on how to use Google Keyword Search and I did not hear them mention that feature. But I will say without a doubt Jaxxy is one of the best keyword tools available. All I can say is click here to try a free trial and you can determine for yourself.

  2. Hi Ronnie,
    As a new blogger, I am learning slowly on the traits and yes, having the right keyword is one of them.

    I have to agree with you that Jaaxy is indeed a very good keyword search tool. The particular feature that I really like is it gives you other keyword suggestions from the one that you are searching for. So if the one you searched for turned out not to be a good one, you can consider one of those that were suggested.

  3. Jaaxy is the best keyword search platform out at the moment that is easy to navigate, user friendly and gives you a detailed report on what your searching for.

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