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Honest WP Engine Review | 2017

WP Engine Review

Founder: Jason Cohen

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CEO: Heather Brunner
Years In Business: 7 Years
Website: wpengine.com


WP Engine is a web hosting company that believes in satisfying their customers and in doing so it gives them great gratification. One of their objectives is to earn a leadership position in the WordPress community.

They provide the same thing as any other web hosting company does but as far as I’m concerned, they go a step further by focusing strongly on the security of your website.

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To me, this is a very important thing you as a website owner should be concerned with.

Their accomplishments are noted by a few industry experts and they are as follows:

These are great honors in which one has to consider when trying to choose a web hosting company.  Take a look at the video below.  

Let's show a few comparisons of the top competition and compare it to what WP Engine has to offer.

Host Gator

  • Unlimited Disk Space & Bandwidth
  • Free Website Builder & 4500 Templates
  • Unlimited Email Addresses
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • 45 Day Monet Back Guarantee

Blue Host

  • Free site builder
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Over $175.00 in Advertising Offers

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E - Host

  • Blog & Webmaster Tools
  • Photo Galleries
  • Site Analytics Software
  • SEO Tolls & Tips
  • Website Authentication Seals
  • Free Domain Name
  • Tutorials & Online Help
  • $200.00 in Advertising Offers

Inmotion Hosting

  • Unlimited Hosting
  • Free Site Transfer
  • 90 Day Guarantee
  • Upgrade Safely
  • Free Themes
  • Use Any Plugin

Within these offers are some things you might specifically be interested in. This is how you decide if a company is going to give you what you expect.


Now let's have a look at WP Engine... 

WP Engine

  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • Daily Backups (automated & redundant)
  • Security (firewalls & malware scans)
  • Ever Cache (proprietary caching technology for massive scalability & speed)
  • SSL Ready (enable certificate with a single click)
  • CDN Ready (blazing fast load times for globally accessed content)
  • Speed Report (page performance data & recommendations)
  • Good Upgrades (personal to enterprise)

These ingredients result in high uptimes, massive scalability, & bullet proof security as they put it.

Wp Engine believes in doing the right things & empowering the customer as well as the company itself by learning from one another & correcting any mistakes that may be made.

They also claim to be customer inspired. This leads them to get great pleasure out of pleasing their customers.

They are really proud of their bullet-proof security which for me is one of the most important things in a WordPress hosting company.

Also, to help your site speed, check out the new plugin PHP 7 from WP Engine by clicking here.


For me, I would say WP Engine would be a company who deserves a chance to take care of your hosting needs. I would recommend trying them because of their business intentions and the recognition they have received from industry experts.

If you are wanting to start running a website I will recommend that you take a look at Wealthy Affiliate because they also provide training with hosting that holds its on as well.

Thank you for viewing this review and I hope it helped in some kind of way. Please leave any questions or comments in the comment section.



4 thoughts on “Honest WP Engine Review | 2017”

  1. It really concerns site owners that a lot of web sites get cloned or compromised in any way by hackers and more when this happens to big companies, WP Engine really seems they should be able to take care of security problems and by being customer friendly people can have a good night rest knowing they can rely in someone to take care of the technical side of their web site, and for the ones security is not the most important load times can be crucial when the posts have a lot of images and WP Engine seems to be able to deliver that as well, thanks again for the review and looking forward to read future posts.

    1. Thank you very much. I try to expose those who are scamming and provide recognition to the good deals that are out. This way at least people will have an idea about it before they just jump into it. I feel like you do about what I found out about them. I hope I can provide good information often and you are very welcome to visit again.

  2. A highly effective WordPress site should have 4 things: Service, scalability, speed, and security. It is difficult to find a company that gives you all 4 of these. I have found their support to be top notch. You get a feeling that they want your site to be successful. I give them an 11 out of 10.
    This review was very well done.

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