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Insight on Internet Businesses

Internet businesses are what a lot of people has considered when wanting to start a business at home to help out with their financial status or for something they call their own. Internet businesses can provide that but get one thing clear, if you are looking to get rich quick, then you are probably barking up the wrong tree. For one, I would like to clear up the myth that it is a walk in the park and you don’t have to put up much effort. It takes work, some investing and a passion for what you are doing. Because success doesn’t come overnight, if you have no love for what you are doing, then you have pretty much lost the battle before you even started.

There are plenty of opinions on the internet business concept. Some will say the market is so saturated you don’t stand a chance. But there are many businesses that start up with plenty of competition to face and still prosper regardless.

Some people would say you have to be an expert with HTML or any other technical things involved with starting a website business. Well as children we when we started school, we didn’t know about many of the necessary knowledge to graduate. But guess what we did graduate. And our success was pretty much proportional to how dedicated we were to learn the lessons and pass test.

Once a decision is made on what you would like to do in an internet business, practically whatever it is, the customers will be there by the millions. There are a lot of people who utilize the internet to gain knowledge on what they are after before they obtain a product or service.

How To Perfect Your Plan
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Anything we do has to be planned out. When we first even think about anything that will be your business idea, it will take some good business planning to put it on a solid foundation. It would be a good idea to ask yourself what am I going to be promoting. Almost you can think of, there will be a market for it.

Once you get your website business started, you have to find a reason why a person would use your site and how are you going to get them there. This is where your creativeness along with some good teaching will converge together and cause your business idea to formulate.

Now it is time to ask yourself is my plan capable of generating revenue and what expenses am I going to incur? This can be accomplished in a variety of ways. Paid & free promoting is available for you to access. But you need to know how to do these things. Again, it is up to you boil down to you having a business plan in mind.

And lastly, promoting your business is going to be a major concern. No customers no revenue right? Once again you do it for free or paid promoting, your choice if not both. As you can see there is a lot to consider to put your plan in motion but it is not something that isn’t attainable. It really depends on how determined you are to put the wheels in motion.

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Federal Trade Commission Thoughts

Let’s look at another angle at starting an internet business. The Federal Trade Commission feels that when someone offers you an internet business opportunity, it can sound like a dream and warns you not to take it as a sure thing. But what start-up business can you really say is?

They also warn you if the offer states start your own business there is no experience necessary, there are experts available to train you and so on, then you should be leery. But does that mean it has to be a scam? But how else do you become an expert in something besides training and learning? Isn’t that how experience is gained by being immersed in a related topic or service?

The Federal Trade Commission has touched on some real concerns to look at but it doesn’t make every opportunity out there a scam. If a promoter offers you an opportunity that is not legitimate, they can be breaking the law which makes them liable. So any opportunity that has been around for awhile has a better chance at being a legitimate offer and carefully try to engage in it if that is going to help you attain your goal.

Describe A Fraud!
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A fraud is described as a criminal deception intended to result in a financial or personal gain. This means that an offer is lying about what they plan to offer you ion some form or fashion for money.

Sure there are things out there but it would only be a scam if the offer has promises that can’t be delivered. But if the offer provides you with what it claim it would, doesn’t that make it a legitimate offer? Now it is really up to how serious you are about making it a successful dream doesn’t it?

True Free Business Opportunity

There are many opportunities available that a person can try out. There is a program that I would recommend because everything that is offered is delivered. And because everything is given as offered, you have a true chance at owning your own internet business. I am not going to go into deep detail in this post but I am going to direct you to this link. The Wealthy Affiliate Review.

If you reviewed the link, keep in mind what the Federal Trade Commission had to say about offers. Then pay attention to how this program gives you a chance, without any money upfront, to weigh out the pros & cons. and I’m not talking about for 7 days, 14 days or 30 days but as long as you like with minimal training. But at least you still get to try what it is all about and I promise you will glad you did. Know honestly, Does that feel like a scam to you?

This program is totally against spam or any other unethical practices associated with internet marketing.  I would like to thank you for visiting and if you have any questions or comments leave them in the comments section in this post or on top of the home page and I will elaborate them with you. Continue to check in as there will be different scams delivered to you from time to time.


13 thoughts on “Insight on Internet Businesses”

  1. Nice article. Yes, there are just too many bad people out there who will make empty promises to get your money and I have experienced many. The trick is figuring out which ones are good and bad. Also how to stick with the internet marketing business as it is not an overnight solution. I am glad that I have also found Wealthy Affiliate and plan to be here for a long time.

    1. I agree Brent. But you said the magic thing is that you have be really careful because people make things sound really good but they don’t deliver what they preached. Another thing is that no matter what the offer is as far as the internet business goes, you have to put forth effort to accomplish something. I truly believe that if everyone who reads this post who haven’t tried Wealthy Affiliate, will feel the same way you do. Thanks for the input and stop in from time to time with more on your progress.

  2. Ron,
    You have some great thoughts when someone wants to start an internet business. I like that you have given some items to look out for when searching for help online to get started. I found that the free starter membership at Wealthy Affiliate will allow most people to see if this is what they want to do with their time, it does take some time and commitment. If you do follow the training and give it a great effort, you will see the fruits of you work.

    1. Exactly John. I try to put things out there for people who have been tossing the idea around for a minute and just haven’t taken the step. One reason is because I know how it feels to be in doubt on trying things these days. I just wanted people to know if you are going to try something to really look at what is being offered to you. Then really think about what you are going to do and make it realistic. The one thing the Wealthy Affiliate offer is. You can’t lose if you have the opportunity to try something with no strings attached. Thanks John for your input.

  3. Hi Ronnie,

    There’s no such thing as a free lunch. Scams tend to focus on people who are desperate to make a fast buck. All good businesses start with a solid foundation, like you said. I think the biggest achievement for your website is getting the traffic. Of course, your content has to be quality and it has to offer them what they want. Nice informative post.

    How would you rate the training at Wealthy Affiliate on a scale of 1 to 100 and can a novice pick it up easily?

    1. Thanks, Craig for substantiating that you have to put in some work to be successful. That includes the planning. Since I have joined Wealthy Affiliate I have done nothing but learn more about my initial plan. It took wealthy Affiliate to give me the confidence that I could do this since I had only an idea and no knowledge of how to get the ball rolling. I would give it a 98. With this being said anyone who can read and write can do this. In fact, I think someone with no experience will a gigantic kick out of Wealthy Affiliate because of the training and support it offers. It actually makes it obvious that you are learning something when you look at your work And you not relying on someone to do it for you.

    2. Thanks, Craig for making it clear that it takes work from start to finish. When I first joined Wealthy Affiliate all I had was an idea. But I had no clue how to get the ball rolling. Because of the training and community support, Wealthy Affiliate taught me how and gave me the confidence that I could put it all together. I would give a 98. With that being said, anybody who can read and write can pick this up with no problem. Just like anything else you didn’t know, you might get confused but I will say that this program has a way of smoothing it out with no problem. In fact, you will be so impressed at what you are learning because you will be building all this yourself without having to have someone do it for you. Now that is a good feeling.

  4. Any business, whether it is your traditional shopfront or an online business, required hard work and dedication to be successful. You’ve hit the nail on the head. You can learn to do anything in life, as long as you apply yourself. Internet businesses have got a bad name over the years, but there are plenty of opportunities to be successful online. Good luck!

    1. And I glad you put that out there with me Andrew. A lot of people will just try something and because it did not blow up overnight, they want to put down the program they tried. It is very important for people to know that the program and how much effort you put into it goes hand in hand. But the program has to deliver all that was promised in order for you to get maximum results. Thanks for visit and the input.

  5. Hi,
    Wealth Affiliate looks really useful. But I have doubts about web hosting. Have you used it and what kinds of protection they offer?

    1. Good question, Furkan. I have not had any problems with the hosting thus far. My site always comes up when I enter my website address. I also haven’t had any problems receiving any comments left on my site. While working on a post or page, I also haven’t had any problems completing what I’m building. My sites are all indexed as well. So I don’t think you should hold yourself back with that worry. Besides you can try it for free to make sure you are pleased with the program. That will make it a worry free chance for you to see for yourself. Thanks for asking and visiting.

  6. Although I don’t know much about the Federal Trade Commission, I can understand why they encourage people to be weary since it is a legislative government agency and is in charge of trade laws.

    Despite many earn money online ads being scams, I agree that if there are any that don’t make any grand promises or get rich claims then they are trustworthy.

    1. That’s how I fell too. A lot of people that really need extra income can fall prey to such false and empty promises. I believe that if somebody offers me something that I have control over then most likely I won’t get tricked. On this site I stress the Wealthy Affiliate Program for that very reason. It truly lets you control your own destiny with the help and support of the program. Thank you Wenxi for elaborating.

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