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Internet Scams Run Deep

When we think of scams there is no limit to what types of scam we have to prepare ourselves for. Some scams will only financially hurt us a little but there are some internet scams that run deep.

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The only way a scam can work is if the person who is the target is totally blindsided to what is going on. And this can happen to anyone that has not been exposed to the particular scam being run.

My purpose is to report any kind of scam that I run into to the public to put everyone on notice.  Most of the time it amazes me the creativity of scam artist.  My only conclusion is that the scam artist is a mastermind mind manipulator.

Ways A Scammer Can Get To You

We live in a world where social media takes up a lot of peoples time. How long did you think it would take before scammers would use this platform as one of their strongest recruiting fields for unexpectant targets?

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Who Would Have Thought A Facebook Scam?

I know that there are plenty of scams but I would have never thought someone would be able to use Facebook to pull off a scam netting around $600,000 dollars.

Who would let this happen to them? Well, as I mentioned earlier con artist are major manipulators who pull out every mind manipulation technique that the average person cannot perceive.

We all are aware that through social media you can make yourself someone who you are really not. Well, that is one of the scam artists most powerful tool. And Facebook can make this real easy for the scammer.

The Doctor Facebook Friend Scam
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In this scam, there was a team of scammers who were able to blindside an innocent unexpectant business owner using her naive state of mind into financial downfall.

They simply created a false entity that would throw you off as someone who would not scam another person. Then added accomplices to solidify the scheme.

To make a long story short this scam was designed to use a large amount of money for confusion to pull money out of the victim.

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After requesting to be a friend to the victim, the doctor, who used another person profile, claimed to need help while trying to come to the US with a large amount of money was jammed up by US customs.

Thinking ahead that this large amount of money would affect the victim’s train of thought, in which it did, was the key to the scam. The scammers also used another person to substantiate that the doctor was actually jammed up to lock in the scam.

Needless to say, they were able to convince the victim that if she sent X amount of dollars, the doctor’s belongings would be released and she could get her money back. This promise was requested several times which netted around $600,000 dollars.

To read more on the story Click Here to get a more in-depth story on just how clever scams can be.

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I just felt in my heart that I should share this information to let people know that scams are real and can have people doing things that we might say there is no way I would do this.

But you never know what scam may manipulate your mind and catch you off guard if you never knew how a certain scam actually works.

Thank you for visiting and I hope that you enjoyed the article. Please feel free to elaborate in the comments section because scam knowledge is power and others gain knowledge from what they read.

6 thoughts on “Internet Scams Run Deep”

  1. Ronnie, this post is such an informative eye-opener, especially for people that are less knowledgeable about the internet. Many people these days still think that scammers prey only on dating sites members.

    This is wide, this is big, this is sad! I call them internet predators. Like you wisely describe, these scammers are sharpened to the teeth. They are part of the lowest class of living organisms on this earth.

    I truly hope that people are not discouraged from using honest sites, such as Wealthy Affiliates. One only has to remain informed and, sadly, these days it’s difficult to trust… it only takes doing some homework!

    1. That is true. I always say try to weigh it out logically. Like would this place be calling me out of nowhere? How can what this person is offering to be legitimate when they are asking me for this prematurely? How did this person get my information? All types of questions will help you to bring up a red flag if you think before you leap.

      As far as Wealthy Affiliate goes, it is the only program that I know of that gives you a chance to step inside and see for yourself first. They don’t ask for credit card information just to try it or anything. When I first started with Wealthy Affiliate I looked for all kinds of red flags and could not find any. Thus I am a member today. Thank you for sharing. As I say we are stronger in numbers and we all can help each other avoid being scammed.

  2. Thank you for sharing this information!
    You are right the more you know the better.

    I ran into something kind of like this but not online. I encountered this problem over the phone. It was these people calling others claiming to be the IRS – you may have heard about this one – They were foreigners calling up people claiming to be the IRS threatening to issue out an arrest warrant if you didn’t pay them the amount owed.

    I thought to myself – I have received no kind of mail from the IRS about the matter first off. Second I thought why would the IRS have a person with a heavy accent be calling me to pay up? On top of that when they answered the phone after I called them back the person answered the phone with a “hello” and not the official greeting that would have been given by a government official answering the phone.
    After a few minutes of trying to hear the person on the phone because they were not so easy to understand. I got off the phone with them and called my husband.

    This is when he told me about the scam that was going on right now only after I got upset and a bit flustered over it.

    Needless to say, I got on the IRS website and they will send you correspondence in the mail. They will very rarely call you for anything. They also have a phone number to call to report scammers like that.

    No matter what you have and where you are at these people are out there and everywhere!

    1. And that is a fact. All you have to do is really think about it in most cases. These agencies will contact you through the mail and they won’t ask you all these personal questions over the phone.

      If you pay attention to the red flags as you did such as the accent and the way they answered your return call you will stay ahead of scams that you run into.

      But I am glad you shared this information so others will learn how to protect themselves from these scams that came along with technology. Technology has made it possible for people to get information that they can use against you if you are caught off guard. Good job on your part. Thanks for sharing once again.

  3. This tactic has been around for many years now, I can’t even tell you how many emails to my account and even text messages to my personal phone of this nature I have received in the past. But seriously… who falls for this??? I never did, who in their right mind just sends money to a complete stranger?? It has scam written all over it !!! I knew right away, but I guess there are people out there who fall for these type of things, unfortunately. I hope they are reading your post 🙂

    1. You have to remember that some people are not quite up on technology and any little thing my slip past them. This is why I post these things in hopes that it will prevent someone from being gullible to what lurks out there these days. I am glad you were up on your toes when they tried to get you. So let’s hope that the next person is too.

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