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Is Driving For Uber Worth It?

Uber has been around for some time now. Are they what they are made out to be? As a driver, I would like to give my side of the story so you can judge for yourself is driving for Uber worth it.

What is Required

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In order to drive for Uber, you must pass a background check. You don’t have to have a squeaky clean background but I would say you have to be in good standings criminally & with the DMV.

Some people have had a rough spot in their life but if you have years of being a good citizen you should have no problems.

You must have a vehicle registered in your name and it can’t be over 15 years old. Your driver’s license must be valid and the vehicle has to be insured.

All these things will be checked so make sure you are prepared here prior to signing up.

What You Need to Know

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As a driver myself, I want to give my knowledge of being a share-rider.

The first thing is that you must have patience. You will encounter a lot of people who will test that. Remember, Uber is really known for being the vessel that keeps people who drink safe & out of trouble.

The great thing is you should have pride in being able to provide the service.

The other thing is that you also should get a good feeling in providing the many who can’t drive a way to get around with ease. Ease means in a timely & safe manner.

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But at the same time, you will run into some trying rides. You have to be able to become a professional customer service rep as well as an un-trained psychologist.

But if you are a generous & righteous person you should be alright.

The Real Truth About It

I am not going to hold back any punches. If you decide you want to drive, remember it is your vehicle. You will put a ton of miles on it.

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What does this mean? You have to make sure you have access to money for gas & un-timely repairs. And don’t forget about car washes to keep your vehicle extremely clean.

The insurance will not be cheap as well. But you must make sure you are in compliance with what Uber requires.

You might run into someone who trashes out your vehicle or possibly puke in it. Uber does make the rider pay more if this happens. This is to cover your auto detail cost.

Can you earn good money? Where I live it is extremely busy for Uber. OKC, Oklahoma is where I am. But you must put in the drive time.

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If you are willing to drive 6 days for at least 10 hours a day you will make more than the average hourly wage worker but you will be working for yourself.

For me, that is the big picture here. It is much like being your own boss. Remember it is your vehicle, your choice of schedule and your control on how you want to run it.

The Best Part of It

Uber has got to be the safest way someone can drive people around. For one there are no cash transactions.

Not only that, everything is tracked. When someone enters your vehicle, information is known and tracked about you, the driver, where you picked up & dropped off.

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You are even able to let people follow your ride at all times if you like through the app. This is most important for female drivers. Plus, as a man it makes me feel better too.

You have many options for obtaining your pay. You can get it right now (Instant Pay)  or you can have it direct deposited into your account. And believe me, it is like clockwork every Monday after the last drive day of the which is Sunday.

Below is a video to get you somewhat of an idea of the app you will use.

Are You Ready To Drive?

If you are like me, you are ready to be your own boss and make a decent pay short of being a business owner. But you will enjoy above-average pay.

I am going to offer you a chance to get started. All I ask is that you sign up, be a true customer service-minded person, and be courteous & righteous.

You will get at least $590 a week.

Now, just click on the invite below and get yourself going to a great way to earn your income.

Thank you for visiting and I hope you will enjoy your new way to make a living at your own pace.

If there are any questions or comments please leave them in the comments section below.

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