Pay Pal Scam Alert

It is a shame that all the things we do these days we have to be on guard against fraudulent entities as if we are in a battle zone for our own privacy. The way things are now open the door for so many scam opportunities that we have to arm ourselves with the knowledge to protect ourselves.

Our identity and our privacy have become a battlefield in the cyber world on an everyday basis. Pay Pal is a service that many people use to handle payments for them, making their monthly payouts and purchases hassle free.

Customer Information Security
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Most companies like Pay Pal do their part in protecting your personal information. But they cannot control the clever antics against their customers by these scam artist who is very capable of adapting to the changes they might come up with. In most cases because of the internet & social media, these doors of opportunity are even larger for the scam artist. Now they can go behind companies back and obtain what they need using them as an entry platform.

Improve Your Chances Against Scams

The one thing we all can do is pay attention when we hear about any scam. This will give you the weapons you need to thwart them. The more you know about how they are being done the more defense you can put up against them.

Gather all information in your head about what tactics are being used so when you run into a situation that red flag will pop up automatically. Now your thoughts will be to put on your counter-attack which would be to let others know and contact the necessary company of their culprits.

Pay Pal Scam Weapons
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Pay Pal has identified the E-mail scam very well. One of them is to claim that someone is using your account without you knowing. Basically, this scam is designed to get you to go to your account and confirm your information. Then try to get you to go to a link and to provide more personal information. This link is most likely a link to the scammer to get all the information on your account they can.

The scammers will use this same tactic in a different form. They will claim your account is about to expire in an attempt to lure you to another bogus link where they can gather your personal information.

The way to avoid these attempts is to know that if it doesn’t say something isn’t right. Also, Pay Pal will never greet you as Dear User or Customer. And never download any attachments or share your information via E-mail. There just are certain things Pay Pal or any other company won’t do and you should know what they are.

Scam Detection Signals

E-mail addresses are a good way to lead you to the conclusion something isn’t right. It will normally be a personalized address rather than the companies address. Also, if the content has poor spelling and grammar then you should be inclined to check further. You can find out URL by hovering over the links. Make sure to inspect every link before you click it.

If you feel like you are being pressured into taking some sort of action, then that also should bring up a red flag. One thing that Pay Pal and many other companies won’t do is ask for any information once you are securely logged into your account. All these things in mind will help you from falling victim to a Pay Pal scam and will work just as well with any other form of business you conduct within this new technology platform.

Thank you for visiting. Please share comments up top on what you know about scams. It will certainly help anyone who visits this site.

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After all, an army of knowledge is better than just one person sharing their knowledge of something.

8 thoughts on “Pay Pal Scam Alert”

  1. In my opinion, the money needs to be taken from idiots. It is like a natural choice.
    Seriously Paypal emphasizes that they never ask for your password or some sort of delicate stuff.
    If you’re fool enough to avoid those notes then it’s basically your own fault.
    Write down your passwords and change them in every month when they are in accordance with your monetary income.

    1. Thanks for your input. It is true that we are our best defense when it comes to our information security. That is exactly why it is important to be knowledgeable along with making certain steps like you said to help prevent any mishaps. Thanks for visiting and commenting.

  2. Oh the scams, it is good to be reminded of how this things work, like you tell, to make sure to check the email address. Sometimes I am distracted but in any case about confirming my account I call on the phone to verify if they send the email. Now that I read your article I will pay attention on paypal communications because something like that happened with my antivirus program that they wanted me to renew before time and I was like ” Didn’t I renew it three months ago?”. I called the company and they verify that I had a lot of months left and to delete the email. Thank you for your article.

    1. You are very welcome. This is why I encourage everyone who visits this site to share their experiences. We all together will open everyone’s eyes on things to be aware of. It is a shame that it is so many things that we have to protect ourselves from as technology broadens. The anti-virus world is definitely a thing we must be aware of. There are many scams that derive from that business alone. Thank you for visiting and sharing. Keep checking in to find out the other scams I run into.

  3. Like everybody I use Paypal and I always thought it was super secure. Thanks a lot for sharing. Very instructive! You are right you really can’t trust the cyber world, but then that’s where the world is going, so we have to accept it, don’t we? Unlike my dad who doesn’t even own a credit card. He still walks around with cash in his pocket!

    1. Absolutely. It is the world we live in and we dabble in many portions of it so we must be aware of these things and protect ourselves. It doesn’t make since to try to avoid it. Just be smart about we do while we are doing it I say. But I just feel no matter what is going on someone will always try to capitalize off someone who is not on top of the game. So I plan to expose as much as I can, the low down scams that are out there. Please feel free to visit and leave what you find out because we all who hit this site can benefit from the information.

  4. Hello again Ronnie, thank you for yet another informative post. This time Pay Pal. They will try, but as they say to be forewarned is to be forearmed. Knowledge as you said is vitally important.

    The phony ‘Pay Pal’ emails I have had in the past telling me to click on a link offered and go and do ‘something or the other’ with my account. They never feel right, so I have never done it.

    Thank you for the red flag waving again! Love the images – a war zone. Rather original.

    1. Way to go. You are like me. If it doesn’t feel right I am either going to totally ignore it or really dig deep into it. The best thing to do is to see those red flags and you have most of the battle against scams already won. Thanks for visiting and you are welcome anytime.

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