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Pet Shipping Scam

These days people are very into dog ownership. We treat our dogs as one of the family and take the purchase of a family dog to the extreme sometimes.

All some people want is to obtain a good breed that is full blooded

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and we will pay & do what it takes to have him or her within reason.

Some people will get the dog they want by any means necessary and scam artist knows this.  There are sources that will ship your dog to you. So this opens up yet another scam, the pet shipping scam.

Via The Airport 

I don’t know what area you might be reading this from, but I am in Oklahoma City. Here we have Will Rogers Airport which says they have had an increase of calls from concerned people about the shipping of their pets.

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Their staff stress they don’t have a pet receiving area and they don’t quarantine, vaccinate or provide shipping/receiving services for animals.

They proclaim that when pets are shipped it usually is done through a major airline or private charter company.

So just like anything else, it is wise to check out your sources

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thoroughly before you attempt to purchase a puppy in this fashion. Remember that scam artist are good at making you think they are legitimate business people.

You can probably see how you could transfer money in a promise to receive your puppy you wanted only to fall victim to a scam artist on the other end of the deal.

The authorities have already picked up on this type of scam and have been tracking it lately. So the scam does exist.

Once again my job is to expose all types of scams to my readers to keep them aware of what lurks out there in this day and age.

Here is a video on more insight on this scam that I felt compelled to share with my readers.

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14 thoughts on “Pet Shipping Scam”

  1. Hi Ronnie,
    Great post on this Pet Shipping Scam.
    I have a dog, and thanks to you, I will be more careful on this type of situation.


    1. You are welcome. And tell your friends about it. The more we spread the news the more people that won’t get caught up in a scam such as this. There are too many people these days that love to have a dog as a family member and unfortunately, someone will fall for this because of a promise of a type of dog that they desire to have. Especially if it a hard breed to obtain or a savings in the cost of one.

  2. It is a crying shame that people stoop to such low behavior as scamming people for wanting to adopt a pet. I think you are very wise to inform people that it is up to us to do our diligent research when deciding on buying a pet sight-unseen. I did not know most smaller airports are not equipped to handle pet delivery issues. Thank you, for alerting us of this fact.

    1. Thank you. I try to expose everything I run across to protect those who just don’t know the lengths that scammers will go to taking advantage of the unexpectant.

  3. Having 4 dogs myself and fostering others till they’re adopted, I really feel for the lady in the video. I know there are bad people out there but this is really low. I hope law enforcement really gets involved with this.

    1. I know, its a shame. This day and age there is always someone figuring how to make money off the trusting people. Here where I am they have zero tolerance for this crime and the authorities are on it. But I wanted to alarm as many people as possible. thanks for visiting.

  4. Great post! As a dog owner its hard to get relevant information if i want to travel with my pet and this post just goes to show how unscrupulous some people are, pets are your family.
    Thanks for this post!

    1. And I know you love your pets. And there are many others out there who want a pet of their own and would try anything sometimes to get them. I want to let them know that the waters are not safe even in the dog purchasing world. The more people know the better chance they have at not getting scammed.

  5. Always have to do research on everything these days. There is always a scam for someone somewhere. Thank you for highlighting yet another one.

  6. This article really exposes the awful stuff that takes place when people try to ship their pets — poor little guys. Really informative and nicely done!

  7. This is terrible! I mean, it’s great that people want dogs in their lives, but the selfish lengths they will go to are not right. I’m over the other side of the world but I assume this kind of thing goes on everywhere, does it? The thought of people trying to make profit off animals turns my stomach, thanks for exposing this scam.

    1. Unfortunately, it goes on everywhere. People know that know society has adopted pets as family and they are preying off of it like they do everything else that people will spend money on. My goal is to let people know so they don’t fall victim to such pranks.

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