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Preparing the Fight – Defeating Scams

Scams are like parasites that try to suck all they can out of you for their own self-gain. There is a scam for anything that you can imagine. Just about everything we utilize these days has a scam lurking. Whether its Craigs List,

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tourism, real estate, lottery, dating and the list goes on and on. So when we are planning on doing something that might require some assistance, we must put on the boxing gloves to beat off being misled and taken advantage of.

The Show Me Technique

Many times when we demand to be shown things, the truth will have to come out. Where words can manipulate you into believing, action can only show the truth. Let us take a get rich quick scheme for example. It sounds good but you show me one person who actually got rich in rapid time using any method and I’ll jump up and down on one foot and whistle dixie. When someone has to use manipulation in trying to gain your trust, you will never be able to get a straight answer to any question. Twist and turns to an explanation normally mean problems. If it sounds or looks too good to be true it probably isn’t.

Want It Done Right – Do It Yourself 
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Everyone should feel that they can trust themselves. When we are knowledgeable about something about something, it will be hard to pull the wool over our eyes. I personally feel no pressure of a scam as long as I am involved hands-on with what the task is. This feeling can be obtained by investigating & educating myself on the idea. Then since I am the one in control of what I’m doing, then I have no fear of somebody taking me where I’m not trying to go with it.

The Wealthy Affiliate Way

I have been involved with the Wealthy Affiliate program for a spell now. It reflects a prime example of being in total control of your idea. It also provides the show me concept very strongly. It lets you get started on a site for free to see for yourself. If that isn’t enough it offers plenty of help from the many members already involved in record time. No waiting for weeks and months for an answer to a question. Wealthy Affiliate also offers excellent training materials, video, and webinars. This gives you the opportunity to see for yourself as you are learning how to build a website step by step. With this kind of hands-on control, you are able to work with good trust and faith because it is you that is in control. It feels really good to see what you are doing take shape and your knowledge grows. That’s what I call fighting off the scam. And Wealthy Affiliate is the boxing gloves. I hope this post was pleasurable and informative to read. Take the opportunity to look into Wealthy Affiliate right here on the Getting Started page of this site. Feel free to leave any comment or input at the top of this post.

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