Questions About A Scam

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It would be great if we could ask if something we are about to do is a scam and know we are about to get the right answer. Unfortunately, it is not that simple to uncover a scam. That is why we must use common sense before going into things.

Desperate Measures – Leads to Destruction

A lot of people make their biggest mistake by being too hasty at making a decision. This causes them to not adhere to their gut feeling that something isn’t right. I’m guilty of that myself. It could be being desperate for fast cash or simply in a hurry to make an idea work without knowing much about it except that is supposed to make you rich. Most of all not even having a plan. Not even knowing if what is in their mind is something positive or not.

The Positive Sign – It Makes Sense

If you were told that you can try something before you had to put all your eggs in one basket, Does that make sense? If you were told that you were going to be taught how to accomplish your goal by an

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experienced entity, Does that make sense? If you were told that if you got confused about what you were doing and that experience was there to bail you out pretty quickly, Does that make sense? And if you believe that your own passion is one thing that can’t be compromised, Does that make sense?  And if all that I just mentioned can be witnessed without spending a dime, Would that make sense? There is a program that makes much sense.

Wealthy Affiliate Is It A Scam?

As I mentioned earlier, I can’t ask you to take a yes or a no answer to this question. What I can ask is that you use common sense on what I am about to show you.

The first thing to look at is that the program has a starter side and a premium side. This alone removes the scam factor because as a starter you are seeing first hand without money or credit card what you are about to get into. You get up to two websites that you personally build using your own ideas pertaining to your passion.

This is also accompanied by some awesome training sessions that include text and video training. everything that you will have the opportunity to accomplish is shown to you first hand. This is much like the show me technique that I spoke about in another post or page.

Once you see for yourself that this is not designed to mislead you, you can try the Premium side. And it unlocks the full potential of your passionate Niche business that you are in control of. Now you are operating without the worries of being scammed or mislead. Now let us ask ourselves, Does this make sense? With all this being said below is a chart that breaks down the program so you can be the judge and answer the question is this a scam on your own.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope I have shown you a valuable tool to help you capture your dream of having your own business. Please feel free to leave a comment or ask a question in the comments at the top of the page.

6 thoughts on “Questions About A Scam”

  1. I thank you for recommending Wealthy affiliate. I have been scammed so many times and this site has been legit so far. It has been everything I need and the support is fantastic.

    1. Thanks, EZ for that testimonial. It is truly a relief not having to feel suckered. This program hasn’t done it me either and that is why I am proud to recommend it to others.

  2. Yes, scams tend to have that yucky feel about them and real opportunities feel comfortable. It is truly common sense. Wealthy Affiliate is an awesome community and learning platform that far exceeds even its premium price.

    1. My point exactly. The way Wealthy Affiliates introduces itself when you try it won’t give you that yucky feeling you mentioned. You will be able to see for yourself without putting something in up front and be wondering what you are going to get. Thanks, Marlinda.

    1. Thanks, Brittney. My intentions were to give someone the best briefing I could about the program. I believe everyone should know what they might be getting themselves into.

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