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Reservation Scams Revealed

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Making reservations for hotels is a must for us when we are making plans to go on vacation, family reunions or business trips. Because of the degree that a scam artist will go, we would stand a better chance of avoiding being scammed if potential scams are exposed.

Sometimes not receiving what you expect will come from companies you may have heard of which brings me to my topic of reservation scams revealed.

What Is Being Done With Hotel Reservations

Although some will have a good experience with booking hotels through a booking service, there are those who will have a nightmare experience.

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While looking into some of the different experiences I found some of them probably could have been avoided.

Some people have complained about being put on the wrong days and some about the pricing, such as the lowest price guarantees that often are not the lowest price available.

Customer service does mean a lot when you are having a problem and need to get it resolved. This brings another complaint in which most of them are said to be unprofessional and give you a major run around instead of fixing a problem you may have.

Because a third party reservation company is being used, a lot of reservations get lost and some people get caught in the middle of a trip and have to try to straighten out where they are going to be lodging at the last minute.

These are just a few things that people have complained about. Below are some personal complaints that I ran into about, a known source while looking into this that does happen.

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How To Avoid Reservation Scams

The only true way to ensure that you will most likely receive what you requested is to knock out the middle man and go directly to the source.

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Now I am sure that there is some success in using a hotel booking agent but why take the chance if you don’t have to? I’m not saying that they all are out to scam you but if two sources touch things it tends to cause confusion at times.

You are dealing with a business that has a lot of competition trying to win clients using all tactics to win when the only one that should matter in your mind is the hotel itself.

If you get caught between the two of them with a conflict, chances are the blame will go back and forth leading to not being resolved.

Although some companies are very well known and can get the job done, you never can tell what will happen between the time you set everything up until the time you arrive.

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This could happen with the best such as Trivago, Kayak, or Hotwire and that isn’t mentioning the many rogue booking sites available out there.

So you see, I suggest using the information from these hotel reservation sources and then contacting the hotel on your own and then at least you will be dealing with the only one that matters.

If there is any wrong information in what you found out you will certainly find it right then and right now.


Convenience is good but sometimes it can be zealous which causes you to make a decision you wish you hadn’t. So if you are going to use an outside source for hotel reservations be aware of some of the potential consequences.

Thanks for visiting and feel free to share any experiences you may have had or ask any questions or give any comment in the comments section below.


8 thoughts on “Reservation Scams Revealed”

  1. I have used a lot without any problems. I can consider myself lucky that I really have not had any issues with hotel bookings ever. Good idea to confirm with the hotel after making your online reservation!

    1. That’s good. Like with all there are those mishaps. But as I mentioned if you are going to use one just be aware of the possibilities of your reservations being confused between the booking company and the hotel. My main concern though is the rogue booking companies online that are there to intentionally scam a person. That is why it is wise to go to the source.

  2. I didn’t realize that pre-reservation could be a scam. I though most of the hotel booking website were legit.

    I will now go directly to the source from now on. Thank you very much for providing this info to me.

    1. Yeah, most people would not even be concerned feeling they are in good hands because the company is known. I don’t think they set out to scam but because they are in the middle information could get misplaced. But there are those rogue sites that are intentionally out to scam you that you really need to be aware of.

  3. I like it scammers beware. It makes a lot of sense to be wary of these sorts of scams they happen more and more now days

    1. And that is why I like to post these things so that people will at least know the possibilities of not getting what they expected before they try to do something on line or anywhere actually.

  4. That’s interesting… never had any issues booking a hotel. But I do always follow up with them. Have you had a bad experience yourself where your were the victim of a scam?

    1. No, I haven’t I ran into these problems when reading and thought I would share them to alert people what does go on with using booking agents. I am sure as I mentioned in my post that there are good experiences as well as bad ones. But at least be aware of the possibilities of things going wrong and do what you can to avoid them.

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