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Safe Way To Buy Online

The closer Christmas approaches the more people that start to do their shopping for friends and family gifts. The lines will start to increase majorly in stores.  The other option is online buying.

Some people still are not comfortable with shopping online because of all the fraudulent things associated with the internet. I would like to just share a safe way to buy online.

Don’t Be Afraid Be Cautious
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Shopping online is convenient and makes it easier to find products or items you may have interest in. There is nothing wrong with shopping online.

If you shop at a store you still run the risk of fraudulent things happening from information theft to straight physical theft.  But we still manage to shop successfully as you will online as well.

Below are a few tips to follow… 

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  • Use familiar websites

If you are using the actual store website you will feel a little more comfortable.  I have websites in which I have Amazon products.

So whoever purchases will be on the Amazon website when they make a purchase. Affiliate sites are pretty trustworthy because of that fact.


  • Look for the https on a site

This means the site has an SSL certificate and what that means is that site has a cryptographic key and activates a green padlock and the https protocol that gives a secure connection from the web server to the browser.

  • Don’t give out sensitive personal information

You should not have to give out social security numbers, date of birth or any other information that may put you at risk of identity theft when making a purchase.

  • Have good malware for your device

This will help from giving criminals access to your computer to gain your information using tactics like the trojan horse method in which you actually let them in through email or any other way they may devise.

  • Be aware of the risk using mobile devices
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Only make purchases on store apps when using your mobile device.  You can shop around but if you are going to make a purchase know where you are buying from.

I mentioned earlier how Affiliate sites divert you to places like Amazon or Walmart to complete your purchase depending on who they are marketing for.

  • Check your statements regularly

This will keep you aware what is going on with your account and will allow you to catch any fraudulent charges if any occur.

  • Shop at home
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If you are at home you will be using your own internet or wi-fi in which you know is secure. You have your password to protect you.

So stay away from those free wi-fi places and please stay off those public internet sources while shopping.


If you combine these things with using strong secure passwords, you will lessen the chance of anything going wrong.

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But I always say the same risk of fraud is available whether you shop online or at a department store.


So do some online shopping with confidence and have yourself a very good holiday season and may the gifts be appreciated.

Please take time to view the video below because it presents some very good advice.

Thanks for visiting and if you have any questions or comments leave them in the comments section below.

10 thoughts on “Safe Way To Buy Online”

  1. I think perhaps the best point you make is one you just touch on before the conclusion: stay away from those free wi-fi places and please stay off those public internet sources while shopping.

    You could do an entire blog post on this if you haven’t (I’ll check to see if you’ve got one after this!) because you’re right that people are putting themselves at greater risk jumping on insecure wifi connections. Just think about it. I’m in a public place and I want to connect to wifi. All of the public networks are secure and locked except for one! Imagine the personal information and data that passes through that connection for all of the people who jump on it for free open wifi-plus the ease with which a skilled hacker might be able to grab it! Any tips for protecting our identity if we’re forced to log on a public space like this? Thanks for the great info!

    1. The best thing you can do is not do any kind of financial things like online banking or dealings with your Pay Pal accounts.

      Remember that these free wifi are an open wifi which means anybody who knows how to hack into it can retrieve everyone that is using it all their passwords, account information and so forth. I would say just don’t use them. Use your own devices internet instead.

      It will be private or at least have a way of being notified that the connection is not private. I use McAfee on all my devices and that is what happens when I try to use a wifi that is not secure.

  2. Wonderful information. I learned so much from reading your article. I don’t have 4g on my cell phone, so whenever I travel, I always search for free wifi if there is no wifi at the place I stay. I guess I should never do that in the future. I will definitely have to implement the tips you listed. Great article. Thank you for sharing.

    1. No problem. A lot of us are not thinking about the safety aspect of the internet when we are using our phones out in the public. But if you are using public wifi just remember that you are vulnerable if you do any kind of transactions with your sensitive information. So you are thinking right to refrain from using free wifi.

  3. It has been a minute since I thought about the security that I have on my computer, this article comes at a good time for me and I have updated my malware thanks to this post. Great job!
    #Perfect timing.

    1. Thank you. I think we all get involved in what we are doing and forget about the small stuff. But I am glad that I was able to jog your memory so you would take care of your safety features.

  4. I am glad I read this post. I often forget the little and subtle things. I know precautions are necessary and I ha e to be more attentive. This post gives some guidelines to follow.

    1. I am glad you liked it. I try to put important information out to keep us all on our toes including me. As an affiliate marketer, I want people to feel comfortable shopping online. And at the same time, it keeps me in check of what I am doing.

  5. Thanks very much for these helpful suggestions, Ronnie! This time of year especially many of us turn to online shopping just to get the best deals and selection. While I knew a few of these things, I had no idea using public wi-fi could be risky. I definitely won’t be shopping that way anymore!

    1. Very wise decision. We sometimes get into our regular routines of doing things and don’t consider the risk. Every day there is a scammer out there trying to figure out ways to beat a system. But as long as someone constantly exposes the possibilities that means one less person will be taken.

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