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2017 Wealthy Affiliate Insight

My name is  Ronnie Jordan and I am an inspiring online marketer who has tried many ways to have a thriving business online. I am sure that I’m not the only one who would like to make their dream a reality.

Some people have had an idea that has been haunting them for quite some time now. Some people will try to buy an online business but I choose to try and build my own from ground zero.

With no experience, I thought I would not stand a chance competing with the already established websites out there with my same niche.

But I ran into a program that has given me the tools and training to put me in the contest. The name of the program is Wealthy Affiliate. And this is my insight of the program.

The Powerful Infrastructure – The Foundation of Successlist-business-concepts

What influenced me to join Wealthy Affiliate was the free website. Because I never did a website before and wasn’t sure how to, I felt this was the perfect opportunity to see what I could accomplish.

There were many other opportunities offering a free website but some had hidden agendas or up sales that put me on the defensive.

Right off the back, I noticed on the member dashboard page (pictured below) there were training courses. Now I’m saying to myself, these guys can possibly help me. Now like anything else I’m thinking, what catch is coming up next?

As if that was all, I saw they had tools that I could use. I’m new so I’m not really knowing what type of tools would be used to do all of this. But that was why I really wanted to give it a try. I mean wouldn’t you have?WA-dashboard

The one thing that stood out the most is the live video classes that were on the menu along with the chat community where everyone helps one another out. Talking about not being alone!

By me being very new to this, I was thrilled, very anxious and not afraid to push on with taking my idea and running with it instead of procrastinating because there was no reason to back out.

Mark Ups Or Upsells – Do you think they exist?markup-cost

In fact, they do with some programs. But since I have been involved with Wealthy Affiliate, I haven’t seen one that wasn’t a choice.

What I mean by that is there are some things that you do that require you to pay, but it isn’t necessary to continue to build out your website and have it online.

If you decide you want to become a premium member you have to pay as well. But once you do you have full access to all training and other perks that come with the program. But keep in mind it is not necessary to have your free website up and running.

There are some tools that you can pay for like the keyword tool Jaxxy. It helps you to find keywords to bring traffic to your site through the search engines.jaxxy-keyword-tool

For those who might already be writing content on a website try Wealthy Affiliates premium keyword tool below or try it to see what you will be able to utilize for your new website.

Remember the menu I mentioned earlier?  Well to show you don’t have to buy anything unless you want to, they even have a keyword search tool where you can use it instead if you don’t want to pay for Jaxxy. These are things Wealthy Affiliate offer to give you options. Now, what does that tell you about this program?

So you see, Wealthy Affiliate allows you to build your own website, write your own content, add your own graphics, all this without having to pay for more unless you choose to and are not required to.

But I ask you if you started building your own site and you see that this program can benefit you, wouldn’t you want to become a Premium member? Especially if it is not grossly outrageous right?

Well, I am here to tell you that once I got started it was a no-brainer because there was no smell of scam to me whatsoever.

Quality Websites By Your Own Handobjectives

Don’t let the fear of not knowing keep you from something that could work for you. I found out that with my own hands I was able to create attractive websites and it didn’t totally confuse me thanks, Wealthy Affiliate.

As I mentioned earlier there is plenty of support and training to get you where you want to be. Before it was over with I was truly convinced this is where I wanted to be.

And you will too if you take a free membership to the program by clicking on the banner below.

Because I had no worry of being scammed, I became a premium member around about a month later.  I did this by paying $47.00 a month and I am glad because it opened up the full infrastructure of the program to me.

Creating A Masterpiece – This Is What You Can Achieve

Below are links to my other masterpieces, I call them, in just a short time of joining.

If you looked at them you can see what you can accomplish with no experience, knowledge or know-how. And I started out with a free website and no clue to how to build it.


wealthy-affiliate-rating-chartI rate Wealthy Affiliate as a valuable, trustworthy and beneficial program for beginners or people who have websites but want to learn more.


So if you found this story & review about Wealthy Affiliate to be one that you would love to experience yourself, you can join right here and right now by clicking here.

Make your own success story happen with the power of Wealthy Affiliate’s training, support, and dedication to its members. Look forward to seeing you onboard.  If you do, say hi to me on my profile page within Wealthy Affiliate by clicking here.

Thanks for visiting and as always, this site welcomes comments and questions.  So go to the comments section below and express what you feel about this program.