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Use Of WiFi Can Protect You

We are in a world of cyber criminals and it makes our internet experience not so comfortable. With all the phishing scams going on we want to protect our information. The use of wifi can protect you a little bit more as you give information on websites.

Netflix Oh No!
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Many people enjoy watching Netflix especially with the high cost of cable these days. I recently ran into an article that talked about not one but a second scam encountered on Netflix.

It is a phishing scam designed to get your personal sensitive information as which is the case in all phishing scams.  It comes in the form of a pretty convincing email.

The scary part is that they have made it look as if it came from Netflix themselves.

Should We Panic?

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These types of criminals will always be there. But we can’t let the fear keep us from doing what we like.  There are things we can do and rely on to make our experience comfortable.

Some people know to pay attention to the URL. If it has HTTPS: & a  green padlock and says secure it means they have an SSL certificate.

What this does is put an encrypted link between a website and the server which should keep any information private passing between the two. It is said that SSL’s are a good way to protect but is vulnerable as well.

This is pretty scary because our banking and social media websites as many other different sites rely on this SSL to protect us.  So what this tells us is that the chances of something going wrong are minimal.

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We can also strengthen our protection by using our own private WiFi (Personal VPN) which is a virtual private network that encrypts and protects any information coming from your device to the server.

That is a relief to know since we do a lot of banking transactions and some of us use Pay Pal to transfer very sensitive information over the internet.

Below is a video to show you how to get a hotspot shield for your devices if you would like to.


We live in a world where we do a lot over the internet. In every aspect of doing business whether it is physically at a location or either online, we run a risk of our information being pirated by scammers.

We have measures in effect to help offset these things and as fast as a scammer comes up with an idea the idea is usually cut off. That is just the way it is. But we can take measures to keep from losing what we like doing and not being kept from how we do things.

I hope this information was useful to whoever read it. Please feel free to share any experiences you have encountered for the next readers to learn about.

Thank you for visiting and there is a comments section below for questions, comments, and shared experiences.

14 thoughts on “Use Of WiFi Can Protect You”

  1. I didn’t know Netflix had a scam out there. I didn’t know you could protect yourself through the WIFI. Good to know. I don’t know anything about VPN or how it works. I’m not technical, I’m mechanically inclined.

    1. And that is why I wrote this post. There are a lot of people who just use what they have and never worry about things that can protect them. Mostly because we all say it won’t happen to me at some point. But chances are those are the ones who eventually become a victim. It isn’t their fault but there are people out there who rely on people not protecting themselves. Hopefully, this article will help some people out there.

  2. Thanks for the great tip, I’m gonna install the hotspot shield right now.
    Is my internet connection going to be slower with the shield?
    So far I have not had any attacks on my computer as far as I know but still to have an extra protection makes me feel a lot safer.

    1. Good for you. It is a shame but it is most definitely people out there who will take advantage of the next person if they can. When we talk about it more people will have a chance to be aware of that fact.

  3. I was a power seller on eBay for over ten years and I fought Paypal phishing email all the time. I always hovered over the link addresses to see where they were trying to take me to and they were pretty easy to spot. But some of them were very clever.

    We need all the protection we can get. Thanks for sharing about the VPN. You can never be too careful online.

    1. You are welcome. See you shared some information a lot of people would have probably never thought about and that is phishing attempts via Pay Pal. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  4. I’ve definitely almost bitten at those phishing schemes before, and so grateful I never did. Thanks for the recommendation to set up my own VPN, that’s a great idea. I would never want to be victim to identity theft especially if I know it’s preventable.

    1. Exactly. This is why I thought this post would be helpful especially since I know a lot of people don’t really get concerned with it much and just use it without thinking about ever being a victim.

  5. Hi Ronnie, thanks for your article, and yes, your information was most useful. Its a minefield out there in the internet world. I can really see the logic in wifi being more secure and im going to make a conscious effort to only give out personal information when on WiFi mode. Great tip!

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