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Virtual Assistant – Is It Lucrative?

In the world of work from home, virtual assistant has been around for some time now. It all started in the 1990’s and is defined as someone who helps another person like a business owner or a small business with different tasks. This is all done from a remote location. The question to be asked is being a virtual assistant, is it lucrative?

Duties Of A Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant can handle a variety of duties. This is what makes them needed i

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n any business. Their tasks range from marketing, web design and many other services.

In business, there are many areas in which a virtual assistant would benefit someone such as bookkeeping, social media marketing, calendar & email management, writing, customer support, research, project management and the list goes on and on.

Now some of their duties will require you to have some experience in order to give an excellent service.  So please take that into consideration if wanting to become a virtual assistant.

Where To Find Clients
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Because technology has strengthened this type of work due to social media, WordPress web design and the desire for clients to prefer a consultant/advisor instead of an administrative assistant, This home base business has an opportunity to thrive.

Finding a client will depend on where you feel you are the strongest so you can be competitive. Whether it is bookkeeping, research, graphic creation, writing, project managing or simply appointment setting.

There are two ways you can put your skills to work for you as a virtual assistant. You can either get hired out by someone or just start your own business from home.

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To get hired out by someone will be like working for someone rather than having your own business. Having your own business would probably be the way to go for reasons explained later.

It is relatively inexpensive to start your own business because you can do this with a cell phone, a laptop or PC, reliable internet, an email account and maybe a good printer.

Click here to see 21 companies that give a virtual assistant some income making opportunities.

Salary Expectancy
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Getting hired out eliminates your struggle to find clients but your pay will be much less than if you were the owner of your own company and was contracted.

The average pay for being hired is around $10 to $15 per hour. If you contract yourself out running your own business you stand to bring in $35 to $80 an hour varying with your experience.


Is being a virtual assistant lucrative? I say yes if you can put yourself into the mix with owners who are seeking this type of help. This means if you can get connected with the right sources and the right people it will prove to be very lucrative if you apply yourself.

A Simple & Easy Way To Start A Home Business

If you really desire to work at home please click here to see my suggestion on how to start a home business with very little money and a free membership to show you just how real this offer is. Or sign up below.

You can even take this opportunity and apply it to being a virtual assistant from what you will gain just from trying this offer out for free.

Thanks for taking the time out to read this post. I hope it helped someone today. Please leave any comments or questions in the comments section.


14 thoughts on “Virtual Assistant – Is It Lucrative?”

  1. I think being a virtual assistant is not a bad job, as there are more business owners looking for them more than ever before, however, I strongly believe that its a better option to start your own business it’s just more profitable, the best part it’s easy to start and doesn’t cost much.

    Thanks for sharing your insights and have a great day

    1. No problem, Anis. I am with you on starting your own business with it. It will generate more income than working for another company. However, if you can’t put in the time you still can pull in some residual income while learning the ropes so you can get your own business going.

  2. Thanks for this.

    I will check out the link for 21 companies hiring for virtual assistants.

    This could bode well and build an income, unlike the business opportunity you mention, that will NOT pay instantly.

    1. If you are referring to the Wealthy Affiliate opportunity, you will have to put in some work but it is a very good business that you have to have a passion for what you are going to be doing. I am a firm believer that you have to work at something diligently for it to work. Nothing comes free and certainly not instantly unless you are going to work for someone else. Your own business takes determination, work, and consistency to thrive. And the Wealthy Affiliate opportunity provides you the tools and the platform to accomplish it.

  3. Hello, I don’t think I’m the most techy person in the world but there is something I’m genuinely good at. Which is research. Particularly when it comes to anything travel related. Like searching for good deals for flights and hotels, for example. Could you suggest any businesses that would need that kind of expertise? I was thinking about joining up to any thoughts on that?

    1. HI, Kate. If you would refer to the link where I showed 21 companies that will hire you it would be a start. I am not quite sure if Fiverr offers research or not but if they do it is another start. Or you can try to do it yourself and start contacting Travel Agencies and making them aware just how skilled you are at this type of thing and generate some income that way. And if you are as sharp as you say I bet you will win on this. Try it out.

  4. Hi Ronnie

    I looked into virtual assistant jobs as a side income. I saw some on Upwork and the pay is about what you mention in your article. People can probably make more than that working at Walmart. Freelance platforms such as Upwork are not known for the best pay. I know there are good virtual assistant jobs out there, and I find bidding platforms are not the way to go. I saw your suggestions about work at home ideas. I am also with Wealthy Affiliate. Affiliate marketing or other forms of marketing, such as network, are a good way to create residual income if done properly.

    1. I am glad you shared the information for others to have something to weigh out. It seems as going into business for yourself here would be more rewarding. But it would require more work in establishing it. I wanted to give an alternative that I thought anyone could accomplish with putting some work into as well. Plus it is a low start up and you are given training as well. Thanks for your input.

  5. Sounds like a lot of work, finding clients. Is there some kind of service or site that matches virtual assistants up with people who are looking for them?


    1. There is and I left a link in the post that will show you 21 companies that will give you assignments to work. But you will not make as much money as you would doing it as a business for yourself. But the pay is still fair.

  6. This seems interesting…so you can choose not to have your own business, but work for someone else as a virtual assistant? I think maybe if you don’t have much free time to make your own business, that this would be a good option. Although, I do realize that the pay won’t be as good and you will still be working for someone, even though you will be working from home. I like this idea though, and might look into it further.

    1. I thought it was also when I ran into it. There are things that we do because of past jobs or present jobs that may give us the opportunity to use the skill to help someone out and get paid for it.

  7. I like the idea of a VIRTUAL assistant and I always wondered where to look for people looking for this type of help. I appreciate your link and I hope you don’t mind if I share this post with my audience, they are very interested in ways to leverage their time. AND what better way to leverage it then to work from home. -W
    P.S. I’m very familiar with wealthy affiliates and they are top notch.

    1. Of course, I don’t mind if you share it. It sounds like we both want to inform people on ways that they can make some income. Without being scammed of course. I hope it helps them.

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