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What Are Work From Home Scams?

Have you ever wanted to try to earn revenue at home? I know that some people would like to add a little extra income to their

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household or even would like to become totally self-sufficient operating a business from home.

I think this is one known fact that brings out scam artist to try and capitalize off of the people who would like to give it an honest try.

What is a work from home scam? They are anything that a scammer attempts to make sound and look good to the best of their ability, to claim that it will take you to a road of success.

Noticed I said attempt. They only work on people who don’t expect it.

Ways to Slide Under Work from Home Scams
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As long as there are opportunities for just about anything, there will be someone who will try to take advantage of the not knowing.

The way to slide under these scams is to think rationally. If an offer sounds too incredible such as make $300,000 in two months, make $1,000 your first two days, or sign up now or it will be too late, then this should bring up the red flag.

I personally feel if I am given an opportunity without the promise of a money back guarantee with an offer, I would feel that much less worry of being scammed.  This will allow me to get a look and experiment.

Achilles Heel of Work From Home Scams

You are the one who can thwart what is typically a work from home scam. There are a few ways. Make sure that you pay attention to the red flags of sounding too good.

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Research the entity that the offer is coming from. Most of the time you can find reviews if they have any real business structure set up. If you can’t seem to find anything on them, then that is another red flag.

Know what you are getting yourself into before you just jump into an offer.

There are all types out there from doing bookkeeping, answering phones, doing surveys and the list goes on and on. One thing is for sure, something that is possible won’t be a get rich quick type of offer.

Me personally, I believe in controlling my own destiny. when it comes to trying to accomplish something as a home business. This means I have to be in control of what I am doing at all times.

This is how I avoid work from home scams. There is some work from home opportunities that does give you a fair opportunity without the stress of being scammed.

Scams Can’t  Win if You are In Control
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There are a lot of scams that are out there when you step into the internet marketing arena. You have to watch out mainly for all the upsells and things they don’t tell you about until you are signed up.

There is a difference between being milked with upsells and having to invest money to make money on your own terms. There will be times that you have to spend a little to make a little but that comes with any business. There is no such thing as a free lunch!

But utilizing the internet to start your own business is one way you can control your own destiny and it will allow you to be totally in charge of what you are doing.

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To wrap it all up, in a nutshell, work from home scams will always be around as long as there are opportunity seekers for working at home.

So don’t be scared to try and find what will work for you.

Just remember all the red flag signs and try something that makes sense. And most definitely make sure it is not far fetched.

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I want to show you an opportunity that I know is not just out to scam you. Just click here and view this opportunity and maybe even start on your way afterward.

Just beat the scams and win at what your desire is to start a home business in the world of work from home opportunities. You can get started by clicking here.

Thank you for visiting and I hope you feel inclined to step out there and go for what you know. Feel free to leave comment or question below.

11 thoughts on “What Are Work From Home Scams?”

  1. Agree with you that scams are prevalent in the internet era. Those villians would hook people’s attention by claiming that they would give the customer a wonderful offer if they are willing to heed their advice. This same applies to online gambling, usually the unregulated brokers as well as job offer scams. If one were to seek for real intention to earn money, he could sign up in to learn the right skill or choose to register for an account in IQ option platform(suitable for both a novice trade and a beginner) if you want to earn money fast.

    1. It is a shame that everywhere you turn someone is trying to take advantage of another. But we must deal with it because it is not going anywhere. I too believe that Wealthy Affiliate is a place where you don’t have to worry about that. And I do know that you will really be controlling your own destiny in the Wealthy Affiliate program. I’m not so sure about the trading thing. A lot of them want too much up front for me. But some people are risk takers and I guess I rather not.

  2. You bring up a lot of good points in this article. I agree that anything offering instant riches or windfalls without any effort. And these scammers take advantage of people who are just looking to make a little extra money, or maybe people between jobs – it’s sad how some people will prey on others. Good advice, encouraging people to slow down and think about it rationally. It sounds like the program you’re recommending is a better fit for people looking to make money online.

    1. It truly is a place that will allow you to control your own destiny which is my biggest slogan. In scam situations, you won’t feel like you are in control. The program I am recommending don’t require you to stress yourself out financially or force upsells down your throat. In fact, this program actually has tools, incorporated in the program, that make it where it is your choice to try different tools that cost or not. For instance, there is a keyword tool that is already implemented in the program you can utilize for free and get the same results. That is what I call giving me a way to run things like I want to not because you tell me I have too. Thank you for your input Penny. And thank you for visiting.

    2. Thank you. You know that that is all it takes is to make sure you check to see if it is legitimate and go from there. The red flags will start to show if you dig a little. The program I am recommending truly gives you a chance to control your own destiny which is my greatest motto. For instance, Wealthy Affiliate does not stress you out financially with upsells or try to force website tools down your throat. In fact, it is your choice whether or not you want to use tools that cost or not. For example, they have a keyword tool that is implemented in the program that cost nothing to use. It is your choice if you want to use a paid tool or not. But what matters is you are not forced to just to be able to run your site. That is what I’m talking about controlling your own destiny. Thank you for visiting and you are always welcome to come back.

  3. Also, if anyplace requires a payment for access to a work-at-home job or directory, steer clear! Great advice here, and well-written. I’ll be back for more!

    1. Thank you, Whitney. That was a great addition to the awareness of scams. You are always welcome. If you like, sign up to receive my latest scam post as I write them. Thank you for visiting.

  4. Work from home advertisement has been characterized with a lot of scams in the recent past however, there are actually people making money from home. A person seeking such an opportunity need to do a through research or else some people may take advantage. I feel you are genuine and you can give a helping hand and direction to the work from home opportunity seekers

    1. Indeed Bruno. I have been on the end of dream chasing where I wasted money and time. I am really happy at doing a home business since I joined Wealthy Affiliate. It gives me the feeling of controlling my own destiny. I hope that people do understand as you mentioned that there are people making money at doing it. Just be real aware of who and what you are dealing with. Thanks, Bruno for your input on the matter.

  5. Hello Ronnie, thank you for your post alerting people to look for the red flags.

    Often there are some red flags, but because of the financial situation the individual finds him/herself in, their focus is on changing their situation as quickly as possible, they miss the signs. If you are new to the internet, which many are, they do not know how to do due diligence and they become ‘open prey’.

    I have had emails form marketers recommending someone’s system as being good, that they themselves have used with good effect. It may even be true, but I being a novice to it can’t take advantage of it so do not get the same result.

    It is good to have pointers to training systems like Wealthy Affiliate, that so many people, myself including, can vouch for.

    Much success to you Ronnie in your promotion of WA!.

    1. Thank you very much. And that is what the average scam artist in the making money preys on. The fact that some people who are seeking extra income could possibly be desperate enough to just jump into the first thing that sounds good. I always hope that my post reaches the person who feels this type of urgency because that is the time when you won’t make the best decision. It is understandable but should not be done. If you want to try something and be patient with it, that is when you will obtain results. Not the get rich quick schemes that are designed to catch a desperate person off guard. Thanks for visiting and thank you very much for wishing my success.

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