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Work From Home Warning

Today, many types of work from home opportunities are available and they are peaking the interest of many people.

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While there are some opportunities that will provide a legitimate way to earn some income, there are some that are there only to take advantage of an innocent prospect.

This post will uncover a scam and give everyone a work from home warning. I previously did a post on virtual assistant jobs and this is why I am inspired to share this post.

Beware of Fraud

When we think that a business may sound and looks legitimate, we tend to let our guard down a little bit. The average scammer knows this as well as he or she knows there are some who are not going to fall for it.

So he or she simply plays off the numbers and takes advantage of those that do.

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The work at home demographic is more likely to be targeted for a scam for a lot of factors. A lot of people who are seeking to work from home have different reasons for choosing this type of work.

That person may be homebound and have no choice. Some may have backgrounds that won’t allow them to compete outside of the home and some might want to do it by choice.

This opens the door for scammers to prey off of a person’s deep desire and will provide offers that sound good but are simply there to take advantage of someone.

BBB Gives Warning
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The BBB (Better Business Bureau) have received many inquires about different companies being legitimate or not.

Reason being, many scammers use claiming to be an established business to gain an edge on gaining an edge to get someone’s trust in order to deceive them.

To further strengthen their scam they will advertise these jobs on legitimate job sites like the Indeed Job Site which is very popular.

This can easily catch someone off guard because it appears to be two legitimate sources which can take your focus off of it being a scam.

Check Your Sources 

If you are going to respond to a work from home job offer, do yourself a favor and check them out really well before going all in.

You can start by checking the companies website and look at their job postings. The BBB suggest this as well as doing an online search for that job, and if it pops up in many other states with the same offer, put up the red flag before pursuing it.

Check out the video below to hear exactly what Emily Valla with the BBB has to say.

I would like to end this post on a positive note for those who desire to work from home. I believe in controlling your own destiny.

So I am going to ask you to click on this link for a free membership with Wealthy Affiliate.

They will offer you an opportunity to work from home doing what you desire without the worry of being scammed. This is done by you building your own affiliate marketing business at your leisure.

To find out more about Wealthy Affiliate’s program refer to the home page on this site. I am sure you will find it quite interesting and worth trying.

I hope this post has opened some eyes to make them aware of the possibilities that are out there that try to scam you or a loved one. Please leave any questions or comments in the comments section below.

12 thoughts on “Work From Home Warning”

  1. Yes, I will agree with you that work from home audience is the most volnurable. Why? Well, most of them are either stay at home moms or dads who wants to earn money and spend time with their babies (kids). Lots of scam is taking advantage of that. I am glad that there are some legitimate programs out there that can allow you to build business from home. I will definitely check out WA. Thank you for the post and referral!

  2. Definitely something that we need to keep an eye out for, scams come in many varieties and flavors, sometimes if it sounds too good to be true it probably is.

    1. That is true. But there are a lot of them out there that are legitimate. All I can say is check whatever offer it is out before going all in. Wealthy Affiliate is one of those legitimate ones.

  3. Thank you so much for this post, I hate it when I find out I’ve been scammed… I just joined Wealthy Affiliate and they are amazing!! it took me a day to build my blog and I’m still working on it every day, I love it.

    Thanks again for your help

  4. Thank you for the warning! I am the type of person who gets easily tricked so more review posts I read the more skeptical I become about money making websites. Thank you for sharing this valuable information.

    Regards, Gedas

    1. You are welcome. You are not the only one who scammers slip in on. But that is why I try to expose as many of them as I can to prevent them from affecting too many people.

  5. Thanks for the scam alert

    I had no idea that the BBB would help in this kind of matter.
    I will make sure to check them out before investing any online money!
    And yes, Wealthy Affiliate is the real thing!

    1. Thanks for your input on Wealthy Affiliate. I always recommend that people try them if they are trying to do an in-home business. I know that they will be able to work at their own pace while seeing if it is something they want to do. Yes, and be sure to check out things with anything you want to try.

  6. Thanks for the great article! A number of people wanting to star their own businesses from home are certainly on the rise and unfortunately the amount of fake get rich schemes has to. Before I discovered Wealthy Affiliate I too was taken advantage of by very promising marketers. The latest is the “this is not a get rich quick scheme so if you are looking for that keep looking!” You see what they are doing is trying to take on the form of reliable sites such as Wealthy Affiliate by pretending to be your friend. I see it all too often. Thanks for the great post.

    1. You are very welcome. I am glad you verified that it could happen to anyone. But when you find that one that actually delivers it is such a thrill. The thing about WA is that they actually teach you how to tap into what you like doing and make it an income making opportunity not once-promising you that you are going to be rich. It really depends on you which is the best thing because you can’t scam yourself.

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